75 Most Important Questions for Plus Two Business Studies Exam

important questions plustwo business studies
Business studies is an important subject for higher secondary commerce students, as it gives them an understanding of the economic world around us. 

As students prepare for their Higher secondary public exams in 2024, it is essential to have access to the most important questions and answers from the Class 12 Business Studies textbook. This will not only help them understand the subject better but also aid in their exam preparation.

75 Most Important Questions for Plus Two(Class 12) Business Studies Exam 2024

Here, we have compiled the seventy-five most important questions from the Higher Secondary Class 12 Business Studies textbook, covering topics such as Management Principles, Marketing Management, Business Finance and Accounting, and Human Resources Management. 

Board Higher Secondary Education
Class Plus Two(Class 12)
Subject Business Studies
Important Questions
Prepared By
Sri.Binoy George, HSST Commerce, MKNM HSS, Kumaramangalam, Thodupuzha
Category Question Bank

It is commendable that Sri.Binoy George, a Higher secondary school teacher at MKNM HSS, Kumaramangalam, Thodupuzha, has taken the initiative to prepare this valuable resource for students. With his expertise and knowledge of the subject, he has compiled the most important questions from the higher secondary class 12 business studies syllabus, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of the subject. 

Chapterwise Weightage

Chapter-wise weightage in a subject like Business Studies can indeed offer valuable insights to students, helping them focus their study efforts more effectively. Here's a refined version of the Chapterwise Weightage for Plus Two Business Studies:
Chapter Chpaterwise Score
1.Nature and Significance of Management6
2.Principles of Management7
3.Business Environment4
9.Financial Management10
11.Consumer Protection4

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With this resource at their fingertips, students can approach the public exam with confidence, knowing they have covered all the essential topics and are well-prepared to excel in the subject.

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