Poetic devices in Higher Secondary Plus One/Plus Two English Examinations

Poetic devices in Higher Secondary English Examinations
Poetic devices are an essential part of English poetry. They encompass multiple structural, grammatical, rhythmic, metrical, verbal and visual elements that work together to form a beautiful poem. 

Board DHSE Kerala
Text Book SCERT Class 11/Class 12 Part I English
Class Plus Two(Class 12)/ Plus One(Class 11)
Subject English
Poetic devices
Prepared By
Sri.Sunil J, HSST English, Govt HSS, Anavoor, Thiruvanathapuram
Smt.Jemshina M T, HSST English, Farook HSS, Kozhikode
Sri.Ranjit Krishnan, HSST English, Govt HSS, Bandadka, Kasrgode
Smt.Suhana A N, HSST English, SNV HSS, Panayara, Thiruvananthapuram
Poetic devices are what poets rely on to give poems their rhythm and depth. Employing them correctly can bring life to a poem, intensifying its meaning or emotion. When used articulately, these tools can add an element of beauty to the work of art. 

Here is a list of poetic devices/figures of speech employed in the poems prescribed (SCERT) for the First and Second year Higher Secondary classes.
Plus Two(XII) English-Poetic Devices
Plus Two(XII) English Poetic Devices-Figures of Speech
Plus Two(XI) English- Poetic Devices
Plus One(XI) English Poetic Devices-Figures of Speech
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