Plus One/Plus Two Botany Notes by Ismail Parambath

Hss botany notes
Studying for exams may seem like a daunting task but there are many ways to do it more effectively. One way is by covering all your study notes. While it might seem boring, this will help you to access information quickly and make sure that you're prioritizing the right information into your studies. 

Here's a collection of study materials for Higher Secondary Botany. We hope to include the relevant questions from the Higher Secondary Public Examinations with their answers, as well as some short notes on sub-units and content study. 

Higher Secondary Botany Study Notes

Board DHSE Kerala
Class Plus One(Class 11), Plus Two(Class 12)
Subject Botany
Chapter wise Study Notes(PDF) based on deleted topics 2023
Prepared By
Sri.Ismail Parambath, KKM Govt. HSS, Orkatteri, Kozhikkode
Category Kerala Higher Secondary Botany

Sri.Ismail Parambath, KKM Govt. HSS, Orkatteri, Kozhikkode deserves all the glory and honour for his effort of compiling Botany study notes chapter wise to help Higher secondary school students
Plus Two(XII) Botany Notes by Ismail Parambath
1.Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants
2.Biotechnology Principles and Processes
3.Biotechnology and Its Applications
4.Organisms and Populations
Plus One(XI) Botany Notes by Ismail Parambath
1.Biological Classification
2.Plant Kingdom
3.Morphology of Flowering Plants
4.Anatomy of Flowering Plants
5.Cell-The Unit of Life
6.Cell Cycle & Cell Division
8.Respiration in Plants
9.Plant Growth and Development
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