Higher Secondary Business Studies Presentation Slides by Ramesh V P

business studies slides
Right preparation paves the way for perfecting the process. To help students learn better, slideshows play a significant role as they highlight each important point in a chapter. Additionally, information that is repeatedly presented will be easier to remember. Students may find it easier to recollect this information later on. 

The Random Access presentation slides used in Business Studies for the second year Higher Secondary students and teachers are published here. There are 12 chapters in the second year SCERT syllabus. It may be of great academic support and enhancement to teachers for online & class room teaching and for the students too in their preparation of short notes of each chapter. 

We've put together a set of slides that you can use to help you plan your lessons. They cover some of the core concepts in this subject, so they're a good way to start your planning. We hope you find the new tools helpful. Please share any feedback or questions with us in the comments below. 

Prepared by: Sri.Ramesh V P, HSST Commerce, Govt Higher Secondary School, Ponmundam North, Malappuram.(alert-success)
Plus Two(+2) Business Studies Presentation Slides
Chapter 1: Nature and Significance of Management
Chapter 2: Principles of Management
Chapter 3: Business Environment
Chapter 4: Planning
Chapter 5: Organising
Chapter 6: Staffing
Chapter 7: Directing
Chapter 8: Controlling
Chapter 9: Financial Management
Chapter 10: Financial Market
Chapter 11: Marketing
Chapter 12: Consumer Protection
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