Plus One(+1) Accountancy Revision Exam Series by Association of Commerce Teachers, Kollam

plus one accountancy revision
Concentrated study and writing unit-specific test papers will help you pass the exams very well. You can enhance your preparation by continuously studying in-depth. Besides, checking the answer key after every exam would let you understand where you made mistakes. 

Accountancy is a subject that is difficult to grasp. The main reason for this is that it has a lot of concepts and terms which are not easy to understand. It also has many topics which are interconnected and it can be difficult to remember them all. This revision series will help you get an overview of the key topics in accountancy, so you can revise them easily.

Study your accountancy model questions - these will give you an idea of the kinds of questions that could be asked for the exam. 

Click the link below to download the test series and model question papers prepared by Association of Commerce Teachers(ACT), Kollam. 

Plus One(+1) Accountancy Revision Test-Schedule, Question Paper & Answer Key

The model question papers in Accountancy are sufficient to get an idea of questions that can be expected for the exam. Click the link below to download the Revision Questions and answer key  prepared by Association of Commerce Teachers(ACT), Kollam.

Date Topics Question Paper & Answer Key
09-05-2022 Monday 1. Introduction to Accounting
Test 1 Question Paper
2. Theory Base of Accounting
Download Answer Key
11-05-2022 Wednesday 3. Recording of Transactions - I
Test 2 Question Paper
4. Recording of Transactions - II Download Answer Key
13-05-2022 Friday 5. Bank Reconciliation Statement Test 3 Question Paper
6. Trial Balance & Rectification of errors Download Answer Key
15-05-2022 Sunday 7. Depreciation, Provisions and Reserves Test 4 Question Paper
8. Bills of exchange Download Answer Key
17-05-2022 Tuesday 9. Financial Statements ITest 5 Question Paper
10. Financial Statements II Download Answer Key
19-05-2022 Thursday 11. Accounts from Incomplete RecordsTest 6 Question Paper
12-13. Computerized Accounting System Download Answer Key
10-06-2022 Friday Pre Model Examination Pre Model Exam Question Paper
Download Answer Key
Exam Time: 6PM

Plus One(+1) Accountancy Online Revision Test

TopicGoogle Form Link
Chapter 1 & 2Online Test 1
Chapter 3 & 4Online Test 2
Chapter 5 & 6Online Test 3
Chapter 7 & 8Online Test 4
Chapter 9 & 10Online Test 5
Chapter 11 to 15Online Test 6

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