Higher Secondary Political Science Study Notes by Joby John

There is a lot of importance in studying Political Science and it is crucial to understand the key aspects of this subject. The study of Political Science helps us understand the different concepts like history, sociology, economics, law and politics. The study of Indian Politics is important for students who are preparing for the Class 11 exam. It helps them understand how governance works in India.

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Higher Secondary Political Science Study Notes

Board DHSE Kerala
Text Book NCERT/SCERT Text Book
Class Plus One(Class 11)
Subject Political Science
Study Material
Chapter wise PDF Notes
Category Kerala Higher Secondary Class 11(Plus One) Political Science
Prepared By Sri.Joby John, HSST Jr. Political Science, GHSS Adhoor, Kasaragod

There are three main types of government: monarchy, dictatorship, and democracy. 

A monarchy is a form of government where the ruler is an absolute monarch who wields total power over their people. 

A dictatorship is a form of government in which one person or small group has total control over the state and its citizens. 

A democracy is a system of governance where all eligible citizens have an equal say in how they are governed, either directly or indirectly through elected representatives.

The word democracy is derived from the Greek words "demos" and "kratia". Demos means people, or the masses, and kratia means power. The word monarchy is derived from the Greek words "monos" and "archia". Monos means one, and archia means rule. In a democracy, the people have power. A democracy can be direct or indirect.

The Indian Constitution and Its Development 

The Indian Constitution is the longest written constitution in the world. It has been translated into Hindi, English, and many other regional languages. The Constitution of India was drafted by the Constituent Assembly of India on November 26, 1949 and came into effect on January 26, 1950. 

The document is divided into a preamble and 12 parts. The preamble mentions about Sovereign Democratic Republic of India as a union of states with a common constitution. In the first part, Fundamental Rights are mentioned which includes equality before law, prohibition against discrimination on grounds of religion, caste or sex among other things.

The PDF form of Higher Secondary Plus One Political Science Study Notes prepared by Sri.Joby John, HSST Jr. Political Science, GHSS Adhoor, Kasaragod are given below. Click the link to download.

Download NCERT/SCERT Class 11(Plus One) Study Notes

Class 11 Political Science Notes by Joby John
Chapter 1: Constitution: Why and How ?
Chapter 2: Rights in the Indian Constitution
Chapter 3: Election & Representation
Chapter 4: Executive
Chapter 5: Legislature
Chapter 6: Judiciary
Chapter 7: Federalism
Chapter 8: Local Governments
Chapter 9: Constitution as Living document
Chapter 10: The Philosophy of the Constitution
Chapter 11: Political Theory
Chapter 12: Freedom
Chapter 13: Equality
Chapter 14: Social Justice
Chapter 15: Rights
Chapter 16: Citizenship
Chapter 17: Nationalism
Chapter 18: Secularism
Chapter 19:Peace
Chapter 20: Development

Download NCERT/SCERT Class 12(Plus Two) Study Notes

Class 12 Political Science Notes by Joby John
Chapter 1: Challenges of Nation Building
Chapter 2: Era of One Party Dominance
Chapter 3: Politics of Planned Development
Chapter 4: India’s External Relations
Chapter 5: Challenges to and Restoration of the Congress System
Chapter 6: The Crisis of Democratic Order
Chapter 7:Rise of Popular Movements
Chapter 8: Regional Aspirations
Chapter 9: Recent Development in Indian Politics
Chapter 10: The Cold War Era
Chapter 11: The End of Bipolarity
Chapter 12: US Hegemony in World Politics
Chapter 13: Alternative Centres of Power
Chapter 14: Contemporary South Asia
Chapter 15: International Organisations
Chapter 16: Security in the Contemporary World
Chapter 17: Environment and Natural Resources
Chapter 18: Globalisation
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