How to fill up SSLC Answer Paper ?

how to fill sslc answer sheet

How to fill up SSLC Answer Paper? What are the things to look for when writing an exam? 

You can use either a blue or black ballpoint pen or ink pen (use only one colour ink only in the answer paper.) Red or green ink should not be used. The main sheet below can be filled in English or Malayalam .
Name of Examination: SSLC exam March 2021
Total Additional Sheets used: After completing exam, here, write down the number of additional sheets you have availed of.
Subject: Write the subject of exam which can be found in the question paper too.
Paper: Here write 1 for Malayalam Kerala Padavali and 2 for Adisthana Padavali
Date:  Date of writing the exam 
Score: Nothing should be written here as this is where the teachers record the score during the paper evaluation 
Register Number of Candidate: This is the box to enter your register number. First row for writing in figures and below it should be written in words ( two, four,.. like this) 
Code number of question paper: Here is the code of the question paper to be written. It will be in the question paper. If any doubt it can be cleared with the teacher before writing. 

Once the main sheet is fully written, you can get an additional sheet, on top of which you should not write anything including the register number or name. The teacher will sign this too. you can also get any number of additional sheets as there are no restrictions and write the number 1, 2, 3. in the Additional Sheet Number box serially. 
Write the additional sheet number in the box. There is a place for the invigilator to put his or her signature with date. 

Other instructions If any doubt arises while filling the SSLC Answer sheet, contact the teacher. It is not allowed to correct with pen or whitener. The students should check whether there is monogram (special seal) in the main sheet and additional sheet and dated signature of the teacher. Margins are already drawn in the answer sheet and so there is no need to draw it again. 

Question number be written in the left side of the margin and the sub question number can be written inside the margin itself. Apart from writing register number in the place allotted in the main sheet, no other entries that disclose one’s identity or his institution should be found as it may lead to invalidity of the answer script.

After completing the exam, draw lines across if any space left blank after answering in the sheet of paper. Don’t forget to enter the total number of additional sheets used in the box provided. In the case of no additional sheets used, write ‘Nil’ there.

Keep the main sheet and additional sheet in the sequential order and tie well with the thread provided for it. After handing over the answer script to the invigilator only, the students can go out of the exam hall.

This complete guidelines for "How to fill up SSLC Answer Paper and What are the things to look for when writing an exam" prepared by Sri. V C Muneer, RV HS, Kozhikode would be of much support for the SSLC students. Click the link below to download PDF.
How to fill up SSLC Answer Paper ?[PDF]

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