Plus Two(+2) Vijayabheri Notes by Malappuram District Panchayath

Malappuram District Panchayat is really very much happy to publish a supporting study material for the plus two students. The District Panchayat is always in the forefront in its determined efforts and goals in the propagation of quality education. It is obvious that the district was able to make qualitative changes in the educational sector through its Vijayabheri Project in the primary level and the Higher secondary and the Vocational Higher Secondary section as well. 
Board DHSE Kerala
Text Book NCERT/SCERT Text Book
Class Plus Two(Class 12)
Subject All Subjects
Vijayabheri Notes by Malappuram District Panchayath
Category Short Notes
plus two Vijayabheri notes

Vijayabheri Support Material by Malappuram District Panchayath

Vijayabheri is a new venture to provide academic support to each student in the focus area in each subject published by the government. It is damn sure that it would enhance their preparation. Vijayabheri' has been prepared in such a way that it would enable not only the academically weaker group of students to study the selected portions easily but also the bright students who may find it useful to obtain the maximum score. 

The academic support behind this project is DIET of the Malappuram district. The 'Vijayabheri' is a productive work of teachers in a very short period of time. Their service is really laudable and it is also said that they are grateful to all the teachers who are involved in the task for its successful accomplishment. All are also requested to ensure that it reaches all the students for their best performance.
Plus Two(XII) Vijayabheri Study materials 2023-24
XII English 2023
XII Hindi 2023
XII Malayalam 2023
XII Sanskrit 2023
XII Urdu 2023
XII Physics 2023
XII Chemistry 2023
XII Mathematics 2023
XII History 2023
XII Business Studies 2023
XII Sociology 2023
XII Geography 2023
XII Politics 2023
XII Accountancy 2023
XII Botany 2023
XII Zoology 2023
XII Computer Science(English) 2023
XII Computer Application-Commerce(English) 2023
XII Computer Application-Commerce(Malayalam) 2023
XII Computer Application-Humanities(Malayalam) 2023
Plus Two(XII) Vijayabheri Study materials 2022(Text Book based)
XII English 2022
XII Arabic 2022
XII Sanskrit 2022
XII Urdu 2022
XII Economics 2022
XII Geography 2022
XII Politics 2022
XII Accountancy 2022
XII Botany 2022
XII Computer Science(English) 2022
XII Computer Science(Malayalam) 2022
XII Computer Application-Commerce(English) 2022
XII Computer Application-Commerce(Malayalam) 2022
XII Computer Application-Humanities(English) 2022
XII Computer Application-Humanities(Malayalam) 2022
XII VHSE Enterprise Development 2022
XII VHSE Management 2022
Plus Two(XII) Vijayabheri Study materials based on focus area 2021
XII English 2021
XII Physics 2021
XII Chemistry 2021
XII Mathematics 2021
XII Botany 2021
XII Zoology 2021
XII Accountancy 2021
XII Computer Application(Malayalam) 2021
XII Computer Application(English) 2021
XII Business Studies 2021
XII Economics 2021
XII History 2021
XII Political Science 2021
XII Geography(Malayalam) 2021
XII Geography(English) 2021
XII(VHSE) Management 2021
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  9. Please upload business studies plus two(XII) Vijayabheri Study Materials 2022 (text book based

  10. XII sanskrit pdf is not actually +2 syllabus... Its XI sanskrit syllabus

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