Class 10 SSLC Social Science Study Notes based on Focus area 2021

class 10 social science study notes

The study materials under SCERT focus area of the 10th std Social Science is available separately for English and Malayalam medium students. Apart from the revision of lessons, for a better comprehension of each lesson and its ideas, chapterwise presentation file is also shared here. 

Sri.Biju K K, Govt HSS Tuvvur, Malappuram has prepared study materials in Social Science based on focus area published by SCERT for class 10 SSLC students appearing for the public exam in March 2021. The Topics are: 

Revolutions that Influenced the World(SS 1) 

The American War of Independence
The French Revolution 

The Russian Revolution Struggle and Freedom(SS 1) 

Early Struggles of Mahatma Gandhi in India 
Non-cooperation movement & Khilafat movement 
Poorna Swaraj & Civil Disobedience Movement 
The British Quit India 
Subhash Chandra Bose 

India after Independence(SS 1) 

Integration of the Princely States 
Achievements in Science and Technology
Education in India-After Independence 
India's foreign policy 

Seasons and Time(SS 2) 

Seasons and apparent movement of the Sun
Rotation of the Earth & Calculation of Time 
Calculation of Time 
Greenwich Time (GMT) 
Standard Time
Indian Standard time (IST) 
International Date Line 

India: The Land of Diversities(SS 2) 

Trans Himalayas 
Eastern Highlands 
Significance of the Northern Mountains 
Himalayan rivers 
The Peninsular Plateau 
Peninsular Rivers 
Western coastal plain and Eastern coastal plain 

Public Administration(SS 1) 

Public administration 
Significance of public administration 
Features of bureaucracy Indian Civil Service 

Human Resource Development in India(SS 2) 

What is Human resource? 
Qualitative features of human resource 
Human resource development & Health care 

The class 10 Social Science study materials and presentation files can be downloaded in PDF format from the link given below.
Class 10 Social Science Study Notes
Class 10 Social Science Study Notes based on Focus Area 2021(English Medium)
Class 10 Social Science Study Notes based on Focus Area 2021(Malayalam Medium)
Class 10 Social Science Presentation Files
Class 10:SS 1-Unit 1(English)
Class 10:SS 1-Unit 1(Malayalam)
Class 10:SS 1-Unit 3(English)
Class 10:SS 1-Unit 3(Malayalam)
Class 10:SS 1-Unit 6(English)
Class 10:SS 1-Unit 6(Malayalam)
Class 10:SS 1-Unit 7(English)
Class 10:SS 1-Unit 7(Malayalam)
Class 10:SS 2-Unit 1(English)
Class 10:SS 2-Unit 1(Malayalam)
Class 10:SS 2-Unit 3(English)
Class 10:SS 2-Unit 3(Malayalam)
Class 10:SS 2-Unit 7(English)
Class 10:SS 2-Unit 7(Malayalam)
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