Class 10 SSLC IT Practical Activities(Solved)

class 10 sslc IT lab activities solved

In the upcoming SSLC board exam, in Information Technology (IT) subject, the students are expected to answer a question each from any of the 2 groups of the given 4 groups with 2 questions each that appears in the software. Theory questions and practical record are exempted. 

Class 10 SSLC IT Lab Activities 2021

Unlike the previous years, there are a lot of changes this time. In this exam, the students need not answer theory questions and no record book too. There would be 12 questions in 4 groups. The students need perform only 2 practical activities only. But, the 2 activities should be from different groups. Each question carries 20 mark and total score of the practical exam is 40 marks only. CE activity would carry 10 marks. It would be awarded by the teacher, considering the knowledge of practical experience of each student. 

Due to the Covid pandemic disease, which led to the absence of regular classes in schools, the students are devoid of any practical experience and classes. Considering all these, the present system of IT exam is planned accordingly that the students will not only be without any unnecessary confusions or tensions regarding it, but also they would be able to have a pleasant and satisfactory exam experience even with a little care and due preparation. 

Class 10 SSLC IT Focus Area 2021

Areas to be concentrated for the practical exam – Of the 10 chapters, four chapters with more practical possibilities are in the focus area. 

They are – 
1. The World of Designing, 
2. Publishing, 
3. Python Graphics, 
4. Moving Images. 

Sri. Vipin Mahatma has prepared simple video classes on how to do the practical's easily and correctly for the students appearing for IT of their SSLC examination. Download the PDF given below and click to study.
Class 10(SSLC) IT Practical Activities(Solved)-English Medium
Class 10(SSLC) IT Practical Activities(Solved)-Malayalam Medium
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