Higher Secondary Geology Practical Study Materials

Geology is one of the rare subjects. It is a practical base subject. The geology subject has two phases in the Second year Higher secondary-one is Theory paper and another one is Practical paper.

The theory examination is for 60 marks and practical examination is for 40 marks. The practical section includes the main branches of Geology such as Mineralogy and Petrology

The first year geology theory paper has a chapter namely “Minerals” and second year Geology theory paper comprises two chapters, namely, The World of Rocks and Economic Mineral Deposits. The second year practical examination is conducted based on the above said chapters.

In the practical examination on Mineralogy branch, the student has to identify the minerals on the basis of its physical properties. There are the three types of minerals, namely 
Rock Forming Minerals
Industrial Minerals
Ore Minerals 
In the Practical examination on the Petrology branch the student has to identify the rocks on the basis of mineralogy and textures. There are three types of rocks:-
Igneous Rocks
Sedimentary Rocks
Metamorphic Rocks
Moreover Viva and Practical Log are also included in the practical examination.The aim of the Geology practical examination is to identify the minerals and rocks from the field.

For this purpose Mrs.Dhanya Raj, HSST Geology, Govt HSS Kottayam Malabar, Kannur and Mrs.Pushpa P, HSST Geology, Govt HSS Chemnad, Kasargode have prepared the Practical Study Materials for the second year(Plus Two) Higher Secondary Geology students. Click the link below to download Plus Two Geology Practical Notes.
Higher Secondary Geology Practical Study Materials
Rock Forming Minerals(Last updated on 26-06-2021)
Industrial Minerals
Ore Minerals
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