Preparation Mantra for exam

The problem that is faced by most of the students nowadays is that even after spending long time for studying, they find a blank memory of it after a short time. This is due to lack of application of proper and systematic way of learning things. If certain systematic methods are applied in their learning process, it is sure that the students would not only find it easy to study but also would recollect well to reproduce the same for reaping success in their exam. For this Sri. Lavan I K, HSST Computer Science, Government Higher Secondary School, Thanniam, Thrissur has given us a five-step Mantra that will work wonders here.

1. Three Step Reading

Here you should read only the headlines of the topic at first. Secondly read the very first line below heading. Thirdly read the explanation completely. This process becomes effective as it takes the things acquired from the subconscious mind to the conscious mind.

2. Use Acronyms

Create words that can be familiarized from the points to be remembered

3. Connect your topic with incidents, images or songs

With the help of an abstract, picturize the complete chapter like a tree or make a rhythmical learning.

4. Sharpen your brain

Brain gym exercise for two or three minutes before study, simple and
quick calculations with any mechanism will sharpen your brain to avoid the reluctancy to assimilate what is given.

5. Revise regularly

Revision be done within 24 hours of learning and be followed by second revision within 2 days and the third revision within a week. The more you do the more you remember. Follow this to bring out the best in you for the exam. Click here to download Higher Secondary Time Table March 2020.

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  1. Sir
    The commerce maths students has to face 4 subjects continuously during the march exam and this causes huge exam stress on students and the 4th continuous exam is business studies which is very hard to remember...will the time table change?


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