Use of mobile phone banned in schools

The mobile phone, one of the modern social media has a tremendous influence in the society. The same gadget used early for very limited purposes is now being used for several matters. It has been seen that, it is used increasingly for undesirable purposes nowadays and the use of mobile phones has become a menace in the school atmosphere. 

As per a government circular in 2005, the students were restricted to use mobile phones in educational institutions. Still it has been found that its use has increased considerably. Besides the teachers were also directed against its use in classrooms. The ethics committee has given the power to the head of the institution to take action against such teachers and children as well. 

What action can be taken against those Students/Teachers who bring mobile phones to classrooms? 

As per the Government order and directions in 2005, if mobile phones are found among the students in schools it can be taken away from them and can be kept for auction and such money can be an accumulation for PTA fund. The heads of the educational institutions have been assigned the responsibility for this. The various Government orders and circulars regarding banning of mobile phones in educational institutions can be downloaded from the link below.
Mobile phone banned in Schools-Guidelines. Circular No.49827/G3/09/Gen.Edn dtd 29-04-2010
Use of mobile phone banned in school. Circular No.ACD.C4/101721/18/HSE dtd 25-01-2018
Use of mobile phone banned in school. Guidelines dtd 10-10-2019

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