Higher Secondary Second year(Plus Two) Physics Lab Manual

As per the objectives of curriculum, students studying Physics at the Higher Secondary level have to study the practical part (Experimental Physics) along with the theory part. The details on the experiments to be completed for the first year and the second year are clearly mentioned in the syllabus.

The first year students are directed to undergo internal exam. It is conducted for 20 marks/1½ hour duration. The score obtained here can be considered as CCE of the second year.

plus two physics lab experiments
As part of board exam, practical exam is conducted for the second year students. Maximum of 40 marks is awarded for the 3 hours duration test. There would be usually two questions for practical exam. Of these two questions, one will be from the first year experiment and the other one from the second year experiment.

Higher Secondary Physics Practical Log Book

To record the experiments that the students do at the Physics lab, Physics Practical Log Book should be used. The aim, principle, procedure, tabular column of each experiment must be entered in to log book. The second year students appearing for Practical board exam, should submit the log book certified by the teacher. The students should keep a separate log book for first year and second year.

Higher Secondary Physics Lab Manual

Higher Secondary Physics Lab Manual is now made available for the Higher Secondary students. The Higher Secondary Physics lab Manual in PDF form, prepared by Sri. Harikrishnan K, CVM HSS Vandazhy, Palakkad and Sri.Sreejith P.S. GHSS, Ezhikkara, Ernakulam can be downloaded from the link below.

The students can get the aim, principle, theory, tabular column and result of each experiment from the lab manual given here.
First Year(Plus One) Physics Lab Manual by Sreejith P S
Common Balance
Helical Spring Load Extension
Helical Spring Oscillation
Moment Bar-1
Moment Bar-2
Newtons Law of Cooling
Resonance Column-1
Resonance Column-2
Screw Gauge-1
Screw Gauge-2
Simple Pendulum
Vernier Calipers-1
Vernier Calipers-2
Second Year(Plus Two) Physics Lab Manual by Sreejith P S
Concave Lens
Concave Mirror
Convex Lens
Convex Lens(u-v Graph)
Forward Diode Characteristics
Liquid Lens
Metre Bridge-I
Metre Bridge-II
Ohms Law-I
Ohms Law-II
Ohms Law(change in resistance of a given material with length)
Ohms Law(resistance of the given wire using Ohm’s Law by drawing Current-Voltage graph)
Potentiometer-Comparison of emf
Potentiometer-internal resistance
Refraction through a Prism
Refractive Index-Glass Slab
Zener Diode
First Year(Plus One) Physics Lab Manual by Harikrishnan K
1. Concurrent force
2. Simple Pendulum
3. Vernier Callipers (Sphere, Cylinder)
4. Vernier Callipers (rectangular block, cylinder)
5. Moment Bar
6. Sonometer - 1 (unknown freq)
7. Sonometer - 2 (unknown mass)
8. Helical Spring (k, load extension graph, unknown m)
9. Screw Gauge (wire, glass plate)
10. Resonance column-1(vel. of sound, unknown freq)
11.Resonance column-2(end correction, ratio of freq.)
12. Newton’s law of cooling
13. Common Balance
Second Year(Plus Two) Physics Lab Manual by Harikrishnan K
1. Potentiometer -1 (internal resistance)
2. Sonometer 3 ( freq of ac)
3. Convex Lens (distant object, u-v, 1/u-1/v, graph)
4. Concave Lens (Contact method)
5. Concave Lens (Out of contact method)
6. Zener Diode
7. Diode characteristics
8. Meter bridge (Resistance, resistivity, conductance)
9. Ohms law -1 (Resistance, resistivity, conductance)
10. Ohms law – 2 ( series and parallel combination)
11. Concave Mirror (Normal incidence, u-v, graph)
12. Convex Mirror
13. Potentiometer -2 (ratio of emf)
14. Refraction through Prism
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  4. Does writing aim is necessary in physics practical exam?

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