How to Process DA Arrear in SPARK

The Finance Department has decided to sanction revised DA to all govt employees, teachers and pensioners.  How to process DA arrear sanctioned to us as per GO(P)No.25/2021/Fin Dt 08-02-2021 and GO(P)No.27/2021/Fin dt .10/02/2021 is given here in detail.

Since the DA arrear is credited to PF, it should be included in the salary for the month of March. After that Salary should be processed.
Step 1: 
Select Salary Matters - Processing - Arrear- DA- D.A Arrear

Step 2:
Salary matters -> Processing -> Arrear -> DA -> Select DA Arrear, DDO code, Bill Type, Order number (GO(PNo.27/2021/Fin 10/02/2021) etc. To process DA arrear bill click ‘Select employee’ and mark tick in the check box against the employees and submit it.

Step 3:
After processing, DA Arrear bill can be generated thus- Salary Matters -> Bills and Schedules -> Arrear -> DA Arrear -> DA Arrear Bill. Check it and confirm it before printing inner bill. 
Step 4:
Then give Salary Matters -> Arrear -> Merge arrear with salary. For this DDO code, processed month in Arrear , Processed year be given. Give the month of salary with which arrear is to be merged in ‘Arrear to be merged with the salary for the year’. Then select the button - Credit to GPF through salary Bill. Click tick mark in the right side of the box while selecting ‘Processed Year’ and click ‘Proceed’ after this.

Step 5:
Once the merging process is over, you will get a message regarding this. Then click Salary matters -> change in the month -> Present Salary. Confirm whether the amount is added. 
Step 6:
Then the usual procedure for salary processing can be done by selecting Salary Matters ->Salary -> Monthly Salary Processing
DA Arrear Processing - Help file by Info Spark
DA Arrear-GO(P) No.25/2021/Fin Dated 08/02/2021
Kerala: 11th Pay Revision Order-GO(P) No. 27/2021/Fin dtd 10-02-2021
DA Arrear from 01/01/2010 to 01/01/2017. Maerging to PF-Date extended. GO(P)No 22/2022/Fin. Dated 23-02-2022

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