Higher Secondary English Exam Tips for Students

While entering exam hall, ‘be tension free’, Feel relaxed and fill the facing sheet carefully.
Should feel –You have prepared well so will write everything.

Make use of the cool off time to read questions carefully and understand well.
Recollect what you studied to answer and plan it by setting time for each question in the cool off time itself. Answer questions from the best you know, to the worst (easy to difficult order)
Good hand writing is always impressive.
Avoid copying the questions on the answer sheet.

Avoid using abbreviated expressions (eg: b/w, u ,@ etc).
Don’t forget to attempt all questions.

Divide your exam time to answer according to the scores. (It would be better to take 9 mts for 5 mark question, 11 mts for 6 marks, 13mts for 7 marks like wise…and it can vary/depending upon your subject knowledge)

Don’t simply answer but answer to the question.
For eg: Proper answer for 5 mark question be of half page, for 7 mark it should be one page.

In language exam, format, language, organization of ideas, content, style of expression matter much.
You should also remember that more than the quantity, the quality of your answer be focused.

Points to remember while answering questions in Higher secondary English exam

1. While answering fill in blanks like questions

Write the right answer after finding answer to all the blanks given, to avoid the possibility of mistakes or repetition. Write down the answer only or underline the particular word (answer) if you write the complete paragraph.

2. Report Writing

Heading must be given. First paragraph should be just the explanation of the heading. Describe the matter in the second and third paragraphs. There should be a proper ending showing the position of the matter described. Past tense must be used. A good report should answer 5ws and 1h (what, why, when, where,who or whom and how). Never express your personal views or emotions while describing matter as it should be objective.

3. Precis Writing

Make atleast two readings and remember the main points focused. Give a suitable heading. Avoid less important or supporting points. Summarize the core points in your own words.

4. Debate

Should make clear whether to write for or against the topic. Stick on to the side . Express clearly without any ambiguity.

5. Discussions/Panel Discussions

After salutation (eg: dear friends), put forth your views. Here you are free to express your points not bothering the counter points on the topic.

6. Character Sketch

Introduce the character, story, author, theme etc. Then talk about the role played by the character, physical appearance and highlight his or her attitude and part in the story etc. generalize your views on the character.

7. Article /Feature Article/Essay

Heading should be given. Start with a brief introduction. Write in depth in the next paragraph.

8. Profile Writing

Catchy title is preferable. Introduce the person. Write the other details given in chronological order (birth, childhood, school and college education, career/dream, problems and achievements, family life, death (depends)). Avoid extra info if you are not thorough about it.

9. E-mail

Salutation be given, begin with the purpose and details in the next para. Don’t put signature here but just write name.

10. Informal Letter

Address without name in the right top is preferred. Salutation be given. Good letter usually has three paragraphs. General queries in the first paragraph, details in the second and last para should form a conclusion. Signature and name below and date on left be given. Slight changes possible here.

11. Formal Letter

From address, date, To address, salutation, subject and begin the first paragraph with purpose of the letter. Elaborate the matter in the next paragraph and conclude reminding the purpose and requesting for further steps if any. Signature and name below be written. Better use ‘Yours sincerely’.

12. Speech

Addressing audience, wishing them, and introducing the purpose of speech should be in the beginning. Then detailed speech on the topic can be done. Here illustrations and quotations be given. Speech should be persuasive. Stress the point that you would like to insist while concluding and thank them.

13. Interview

Apt questions be asked. Questions of general enquiry (how are you/how old are you) be avoided. Statements followed by interrogations are accepted.

14. Application Letter

Formal letter format can be adopted. First para should give the details of the advt, post applied for etc. qualification and experience be written in the second paragraph. Last para should conclude with assertion or promise. An application letter should accompany CV. Better start writing CV in a fresh page. CV should be brief but clear carrying necessary information.

15. Review

Read 2 or 3 times. Then write the general theme or idea of the poem. Summarize the points or plot. Then write other features like – suitability of title, style,language,diction,speaker,figures of speech used, rhyme scheme,lines you like and why etc.

Higher Secondary Plus One/Plus Two English Study Notes

To help the students’ preparation for their Higher Secondary examination, English study notes and sample question papers are available here. Click here to download Higher secondary plus one/Plus two English study notes.  
Before exam, prepare the best, expect the worst;
During exam, think about the test, write the best;
After exam, never discuss, ever focus.
Wish you all a great success!!!
Ananthi M, HSST English, Perumbalam, Alappuzha

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  2. how many pages should we write for 8 mark question?

  3. Great article, it was really helpful!!☺️

  4. I think there was mistake with last days English question paper.the question says write the character sketch of jhon Robert baldwin but the real name of jhon is jhon Gresham baldwin.i think that is a mistake.eventhough it's a mistake I don't think iam going to get free marks for that since it's a 6mark question .πŸ˜™πŸ˜πŸ˜.if it is a mistake consider it.

  5. could you please say how much to write for 4/5/6/7/8 marks questions?

    1. 4/5/6-one side is enough with good content
      7/8-two sides with good content

  6. Very nice post and really helpful for many students.These tips really help students during exams.I would share this post at with Typical Student hope many other students can get help by it.

  7. very helpful an pdf example of each should be attacched

  8. Thank you tchr. Your post is very useful for higher secondary English tchr community.
    Have one important suggestion. Instead of mentioning how many pages to write for each question, better to specify how many words to write for 4/5/8 marks. Because letter sizes & writing style are different for each student

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  10. Is good handwriting that much important in scoring

  11. Travel brochure, travel essay ,appreciation please make tips for these too

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