SPARK Deduction from Salary for OCKHI Disaster Relief Fund

All the govt employees and teachers have been requested to contribute with their two days’ salary for the fishing community and other victims of the disaster caused by the Ockhi cyclone to the Chief Ministers’ disaster relief fund (as referred in the circular). Considering the suggestions put forwarded by the different service unions, it has been decided that two days’ salary or salary amount as they like or a particular amount of money according to their wish can be granted for the welfare of the disaster victims.

All the heads of the departments are directed to authorize the Drawing and Disbursement Officers concerned to remit this amount to STSB – 799011400003321, District Treasury, Thiruvananthapuram, the head of account opened specially for the Ockhi disaster relief victims. Also, it can be remitted in person in Ac. No.67319948232, State Bank of India, City Branch, Thiruvananthapuram. IFSC code – SBIN0070028.

Along with the contribution amount, a letter by the employees should be submitted showing their consent for bestowing the amount towards relief fund. In the absence of the consent letter, two days’ salary will be deducted through SPARK with the assumption that they are willing to do so. All such contributions in cash towards disaster relief fund would be eligible for income tax deductions.The contributions towards the CM's disaster relief fund will get a 100 per cent exemption of tax according to the I-T Act, section 80G(2) (IIIHF).

SPARK Deduction Module
Module for Ockhi contribution has been enabled in SPARK, under the menu Salary matters-Ockhi relief contribution.
Then select Department,Office,DDO Code and Bill Type.  Click on 'Click here to get the employee Details' button
By default, all the employees in the selected bill is assumed to contribute two days salary. This can be changed by DDO by changing the no. of days/fixed amount.

Select Days or Fixed Amount from the select box, type the amount,if the selection is Fixed amount  and click the update button to effect the changes.

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  1. What about TSB cheque along with salary bill for "Okhi" contribution?

  2. PAN for recording the deduction under section 80G is GGGG0000G

    1. Is this PAN contain only 9 digits? Can I enter this PAN for claiming deduction under 80g while filling ITR1 ?

    2. Is this PAN contain only 9 digits? Can I enter this PAN for claiming deduction under 80g while filling ITR1 ?

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Ockhi Relief Fund PAN
    Ockhi Relief Fund PAN ( Cyclone Ockhi Relief Fund PAN)
    PAN number of Kerala CM Ockhi relief fund. The donations made by public, Government employees and Teachers (via salary deduction) to the Kerala Chief Minister Distress Relief Fund (CMDRF) for Cyclone Ockhi Relief is eligible for a 100 % exemption from income tax (under section 80 G (2) (iii hf)) of the Income Tax Act 1961.

    To claim income tax exemption for the amount donated while filing Tax returns, the following details may be entered in the 80G tab on Income tax e-filing page.

    The details are to be entered under the section A Donations entitled for 100% deduction without qualifying limit.

    Name of Donee : Chief Minister Distress Relief Fund
    Address : Government of Kerala
    District: Thiruvananthapuram
    State : Kerala
    Pin Code : 695001
    PAN of Donee : AAAGD0584M
    Amount of Donation : ( Enter the Amount contributed to the CMDRF)

    For further details
    CMDRF (A Section): 0471-2518513 / 0471 - 2518684
    CMDRF (B Section): 0471-2518487


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