Text Book Distribution Manager

The intricate job of distributing of text books in Higher Secondary School is made easier and more efficient with this software. This software keeps distinct account for old and new stock of text books. The facility to append the details of number of text books sold to each student or bulk sale of text books is also possible with this software. 
Costly books,set of 12 books usually bought by Higher Secondary Students and the problem of totaling the amount of books distributed, updating accounts of balance books, preparation of account of daily sales, prolonged sales of books, sales of books at different times are the usual difficulties endured while the text books are sold.
The software Text Book Distribution Manger by Rajesh.K, Govt HSS, Naduvannur enables to overcome all these difficulties.
Various kinds of reports prepared by this software are:-
1.Distribution of old stock and new stock , balance book report.
2.Detailed report of Old and New books sale(Including names of Students)
3.Report of Daily Text book distribution(Shown by balance book)
4.The facility to give details and to take reports of DD remitted towards book fee.
5.Date wise and student wise reports are also available from this software.
Text Book Distribution Manager Software(Requires Ms-Access)
Text Book Distribution Manager Software-Help File

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