Inland-Letter Writing Software

Inland Writer by Surendran.K,Govt HSS,Cherukunnu,Kannur is a simple application for writing official letters. The program is a like a Notepad, with options and with the ability to send and archive the letters. You simply type the letter you want to send in the blank space and you can directly print it.If you don't want to print the letter right away you can save the letter and send it later. Also, letters can be archived from within the program. If you find any inconsistency or inaccuracy, please let us know and we will try to fix it at the earliest. Click on the button below to start downloading the software.

Inland Letter Writing Software by Surendran.K
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4 comments to ''Inland-Letter Writing Software"

  1. Pls note the following
    1. Letter number must be unique. ie, same number Never to be repeated
    2. Input data in unicode format to draft letter in malayalam language


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