Higher Secondary Answer Key March 2016

The candidates who appeared in Higher Secondary Examinations March 2016 must be looking for the answer keys to evaluate their performance in exam.The official answer keys for the HSE March 2016 are published. Please note that the answer keys provided on this site is for informational and reference purposes only.You can estimate your scores as per these keys, but keep in mind that calculation of scores for Higher Secondary March 2016 will be done according to official DHSE answer key.

First Year(XI) Answer Key by DHSE(Official)
XI Journalism
XI Geology
XI Social Work
XI Statistics
XI Philosaphy
XI Business Studies
XI Politics
XI Economics
XI Geography
XI Home Science
XI Psychology
XI Communicative English
XI Sociology
XI Computer Application(Commerce)
XI Computer Application(Humanities)
XI Mathematics(Science)
XI Mathematics(Commerce)
XI Chemistry
XI Physics
XI Electronics Service Technology
XI Kannada
XI French
XI Syriac
XI Latin
XI German
XI Russian
XI Anthropology
XI Islamic History
XI Malayalam(Optional)
XI Hindi(Optional)
XI Arabic
XI Tamil(Optional)
XI Kannada(Optional)
XI Urdu(Optional)
XI English Literature(Part III)
XI Sanskrit Sahithya
XI Sanskrit Sasthra
XI Music
XI Computer Information Technology
XI Tamil
XI Arabic
XI Electronics
XI Zoology
XI English
XI Hindi
XI Sanskrit
XI Accountancy AFS
XI Malayalam
XI Urdu
XI Gandhian Studies
XI Accountancy -Computersied Accounting
XI History
XI Computer Science
XI Botany
Second Year(XII) Answer Key by DHSE(Official)
XII Journalism
XII Social Work
XII Statistics
XII Politics
XII Psychology
XII Communicative English
XII Computer Applications(commerce)
XII Computer Applications(Humanities)
XII Mathematics(Science)
XII Mathematics(Commerce)
XII Chemistry
XII Physics
XII Sociology
XII Home Science
XII Geography
XII Economics
XII Business Studies
XII Philosaphy
XII Electronics Service Technology
XII Geology
XII Kannada
XII French
XII Syriac
XII Latin
XII German
XII Russian
XII Anthropology
XII Islamic History
XII Malayalam(Optional)
XII Hindi(Optional)
XII Arabic
XII Tamil(Optional)
XII Kannada(Optional)
XII Urdu(Optional)
XII English Literature(Part III)
XII Sanskrit Sahithya
XII Sanskrit Sasthra
XII Music
XII Computer Information Technology
XII Tamil
XII Arabic
XII Electronics
XII Zoology
XII English
XII Hindi
XII Sanskrit
XII Accountancy AFS
XII Malayalam
XII Urdu
XII Gandhian Studies
XII Accountancy -Computersied Accounting
XII History
XII Computer Science
XII Botany
HSE March 2016-XI Answer Key(Unofficial)
XI Chemistry by Anil Kumar K.L,Govt HSS,Thumpamon North,PathanamthittaL
XI Physics by Saju K. John,PhD Research Scholar at NIT Calicut
XI History by Sujith, Govt HSS,Kayyur, Kasaragod
XI Accountancy(Computerised Accounting) by Sanil Kumar,Govt HSS,Anchal East,Anchal
XI Malayalam by Dileep Krishnan,Govt HSS, Kayamkulam
XI Computer Application by Anil Kumar,Govt HSS,Kuzhumathikkad
XI Mathematics by Remesh,Director,The Centre for Future Studies
XI Subject wise unofficial Answer Keys will be updated on receipt...
HSE March 2016-XII Answer Key(Unofficial)
XII Chemistry by Anil Kumar K.L,Govt HSS,Thumpamon North,Pathanamthitta
XII Physics by Saju K John,PhD Reserch Scholar,NIT Calicut
XII Mathematics by Remesh,Director,The Centre for Future Studies
XII Sociology by Yaseer,WOHSS,Muttil,Wayanad
XII Business Studies by Jonson Koshy,Govt HSS, Thengamam, Pathanamthitta
XII History by Sujith,Govt HSS,Kayyur,Kasargod
XII Malayalam by Dileep Krishnan, Govt HSS,Kayamkulam
XII Computer Application by Anil Kumar,Govt HSS,Kuzhumathikkad
XII Botany by Bhargavan P.K,Govt HSS Azhiyur,Kozhikkodu
XII English by Ananthi.M , Govt HSS Perumpalam, Alappuzha
XII Subject wise unofficial Answer Keys will be updated on receipt...
HSE March 2016 Question Papers
HSE March 2016 Question Papers

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  1. Please give answer key for biology and physics

  2. Hoping to get physics qp solutions at the earliest

  3. Can you please apload +1 mathematics and biology answer key.

  4. please liberalise the valuation of +2 maths

  5. Pls provide 12 comp applications answer key

  6. please check the the answer of 9th question in +1 Accountancy exam.
    there's something wrong in your answer

  7. Maths +2 qestion 1(a)ans is wrong .pls check

    1. @Ramesh in the "NCERT MATHS TEXT PART 1 PAGE 9, EXAMPLE 9" the interval is defiened from R->R.But in the Plus two maths question paper the interval is defined from N->N.so the answer is On-One but not Onto.

    2. @asish & cloud nine : check now

  8. Please make physics plus 3 valuation liberal........

  9. @veekshakan : Its a mistake. Pls check now .

  10. I would like to share one of my doubt.In the plus one chemistry exam,the answer of 13th-c is cis -trans isomerism.But in the question it is not specified that sterio isomerism.so position isomerism is also a right answer.but-1-ene is the position isomer of but-2-ene.so sir ,how can we include it in the main answer key

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Here an=n(n+3). By putting n=1,2,3,..., we get a1=4, a2=10, a3=18,... is neither an A.P nor a GP. So we cannot find the sum as you said.

  12. Thank you for maths answer key. Hope that valuation for 3rd questions c sub.s make liberal

  13. +1 Accountancy exam 9th question's answer:

    a) Yes, it is justifiable according to accounting rules.(the efficiency of the manager should no be recorded in books of accounts)

    b) According to Money measurement concept, only those transactions which can be recorded in terms of money should only be recorded in the books of accounts.
    "All such transactions or happenings which cannot be expressed in monetary terms, for example, the appointment of a manager, capabilities of its human resources or creativity of its research department or the image of the organisation among people in general do not find a place in the accounting records of a firm" (SCERT Textbook page number 25, 1st line on wards.)

  14. Can u please apload +1 biology answer key?

  15. Physics 1. B question has a confusing word "statements" in the place of "statement"

  16. English 1 question is really tough and it spoiled our time... So plz take necessary measures for valuation... I mean make english valution liberal for that reason

  17. Maths 1 question. Ans is one. One bt not onto


  19. where are the official answer keys for english,mal and copm science(science)??
    pls provide them soon...
    english exam was not tough, but it consumed lot of time.
    mal exam was as usual.
    comp science exam was moderate bcoz many questions were tough and not taught to us.
    maths was simple compared last years question papers.
    chemistry was tough. many questions were indirect.
    and physics was the toughest. it is very different from the model paper pattern and from question papers of previous years.
    plese liberalise the valuation of physics and chemistry..

  20. Pls give the answer key of plusone computer science tooo

  21. where is official answer key for +2 accountancy,english

  22. where is official answer key for +2 accountancy,english

  23. Plus 2 Maths and Physics were really very tough... So please make it liberal..and also English first question is very time consuming one..

  24. please publish the +2 biology and english answer key(official)

  25. sir,+2 Physics exam was very very tough.kindly make the valuation liberal.

  26. Sir, Plus Two Physics 3(A) question : Ohms conducted his experiment in Liquid Electrolyte. So it's also an answer. Plz give reply

  27. plzz make physics valuation liberal.. plzz it's a request from all of us.. plzzz

  28. psychology second year question was not clear

  29. plz check plus one maths third question option c ... the question is not enough to reach the answer which you had got...sir kindly explain how you got the figure

    1. Hi, the value of tan15=tan(45-30)=(tan45-tan30)/(1+tan45.tan30)=(1-1/root3)/(1+1/root3)=(root3-1)/(root3+1)=(2-root3).

  30. the answer of last question in plus 1 maths(science) is given wrong.it is an error in the calculation.please check it and update it.

    1. hi, i could not find the error in the last question, i.e., in probability. if u find the error, explain it ok?

    2. P of (A`intersection B`)= 1-0.8 = 0.2

    3. hi sourav, u are correct. in the unofficial answer key i was written in the correct form. But in the official answer key it was wrong and was intimated.ok. don't worry.

  31. when dhse official answer key publishing??

    1. @Arjun : Its already published. Check now.

    2. but i have a doubt.. because in valuation camp official answer key allalla ithu???valuation cample answer key nthaanu?

  32. plus two physics was very very tough.So please make the valuation liberal

  33. physics valuation liberal akane plzzzz... plzzzz

  34. Plus2 Business Studies 17th queation is wrong. The answer is a technique,not a principle.

  35. answer sheets checking tudangiyo sir?ennu aanu results publish cheya??

  36. Botany 1st question is wrong. the correct answer is Pasteur. D.J. Ivanowsky .there were two options pasteur and ivanowsky. both the options are correct. ivanowsky is a more correct option

    1. Pasteur and D J Iwanowsky are 2 persons.And it is Pasteur(Louis Pasteur) who coined the term virus for the first time

  37. please make the chemistry evaluation liberal

  38. Pls add +1 english unofficial answer key

  39. Sir please send answer key of plus two 2015 of all subjects of commerce with computer application to my email address arshadprakashan@gmail.com

  40. sir can you pls update zoology answer key of march 2016 12th

  41. sir pls post plus two statistics notes

  42. Could you please provide some good chemisry teachers in the school,so the studens can understand what they are studying.bad teachers and tough subjects.

  43. Sir class 11 2019 chemistry final exam question no:29 balancing had some problem. I think so the question was wrong. It should like P4+OH-→PH3+H2PO2-

  44. Fuddu hai tu saaale 11 class ka chemistry ka question paper hi nai hai Or bo bhi 2016 ka###$$$

  45. answer keyil answer aanu idende.
    alade question copy paste cheyalla vendathu

  46. Sir please put the chapterwise answers of plus one maths. Only questions are there. Answer keys are not there.


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