First Year (Plus One) Higher Secondary Result March 2015

Update: Online Result Analyser ACDATAPRO published.Visit Now !

The results of the First Year (Plus One) Higher Secondary Examination, March 2015 is published.

The students who have complaints or doubts about their results can apply for Revaluation & Scrutiny for all subjects. Applications for Revaluation, Scrutiny or Photocopy shall be submitted to the Principals concerned along with the required fee and a copy / internet copy of the mark list before 30.07.2015. Fee for Revaluation / paper : 500., Photocopy : 300. Scrutiny : 100. 
Click the below link for School wise and Individual result, online and offline result analyser , Application form for revaluation,Photocopy and Scrutiny etc:-

First Year (Plus One) Result March 2015-Individual 
First Year (Plus One) Results [Individual]-Link 1(Last updated on 29.07.2015)
First Year (Plus One) Results [Individual]-Link 2
First Year (Plus One) Result March 2015-Schoolwise
First Year (Plus One) Results [School wise]-Link 1
First Year (Plus One) Results [School wise]-Link 2
Result Analyser-First Year Result March 2015
Plus One Offline Result Analayser 2015
Online Result Anlayesr-ACDATAPRO
HSE Examination Forms
Application Form for Revaluation/Photocopy/Scrutiny
Revaluation/Photocopy/Scrutiny Circular dtd 21.07.2015
HSE Improvement Examination September 2015
HSE Plus One Improvement Examination 2015-Notification and Time Table 

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36 comments to ''First Year (Plus One) Higher Secondary Result March 2015"

  1. plus two revaluation result eppala

  2. Sir,
    In this plus one exam I got 530/540. And also I got 3rd in State IT quiz. I've submitted application to DHSE for grace mark. But in my marklist there is no gracemark awarded. My remark column is empty. This shows that I missed a full mark by 10. So now What can I do now? Please tell a remedy sir.

  3. Dear Dhse,
    The plus one English evaluation was so brutal. We didn't expect these kind of cruelty from you people... You didn't even consider that it was a new text for us to deal with...considering all other subjects, it is English in which most scored least

  4. English mulyanirnayam enthinanu ithra touf aakiyath???:'( #

  5. Sir, in dhse first year examination i got only 77 for maths. I was pretty sure that i would get 90 range. For me maths exam was not difficult at all. Shall i apply for revaluation?. but i heard people saying that in revaluation the examiners would only check the accuracy of the mark put by them. Is this true? please help me.this mark is irritating me a lot

  6. Sir please answer question 2 sir...please

  7. sir is their any grace mark for karatte

  8. +1 Result Analyser Users don't forget Click on Filter Group Tab after choosing each group in Groupwise Filter sheet

  9. when will come the result of plus two(+2) revaluation result?

  10. @ sajith manu : You can apply for revaluation before 30.07.2015.Fee for Revaluation 500/paper.
    @kichukiran97 : Text your register number here. or mail to
    @Bablu : No

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. sir
    is it allowed to apply for both revaluation/scrutiny and improvement for a subject.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Sir, when i enquired about revaluation in my school office they said no circular has come for revaluation. Is there any circular for it? I know last date is 30 and fee for Revaluation 500/paper. Please help me.

  15. Sir,
    Shall I able to get this deserving grace mark if I am applying again through the proper channel? Pls reply.....

  16. Sir,
    . Shall I get the deserved grace by applying again through proper channel? Please reply sir...

  17. @kichukiran97 Contact to Higher Secondary Directorate(Exams) through the Principal of your school as early as possible.

  18. Dear @sajith manu please click this link for the details reg. Revaluation/Photocopy/Scrutiny.Circular No. ExII(1)/16956/HSE/2015 dtd 21.07.2015

  19. sir,when we contacted the directorate they told that they will make the necessary corrections to our marklist as grace marks were not awarded,will the corrected marklist be published online?

  20. @RavindranKottarath,
    . How did you contact the directorate? I am also facing the same problem. How did you contact?

  21. sir,i wish to know my marks for each subject with out grace.what can i do for that?

  22. An eMail was sent from our school to the directorate

  23. sir,is it possible to know my marks with out grace mark?can you help me?

  24. sir when will the marklist after adding grace marks be published?please reply soon sir only then can I apply for improvement if I have to

  25. sir,when will the marklist after adding grace marks be published?please reply soon sir.orelese what shall we do to apply for improvement with the marklists that we have now?

  26. whether i can revalue my improvement paper

  27. സർ ,
    ഞാൻ ഒരു +2 വിദ്യാർഥിയാണ്. എനിക്ക് +1-ൽ 4 A +, 1 A , 1 B+ എന്നീ മാർക്കുകൾ ലഭിച്ചു. ഞാൻ 2 ഗ്രേസ് മാർക്ക്‌-ന് അർഹയാണ്. NCC ഉം ശാസ്ത്രമേളയിൽ C ഗ്രേഡും. C ഗ്രേഡ് ലഭിച്ചത് +2-ൽ വച്ചാണ്. ശാസ്ത്രമേളയുടെ ഗ്രേസ് മാർക്ക്‌ +1 മാർക്കിനോട്‌ കൂടി add ചെയ്യുമോ?

  28. Sir,
    I got only 70 marks (out of 100) for English in my First Year Examination. Can I able to score A+ in English?

  29. when will the result of plus one improvement revaluation be published?

  30. When will the result of plus one revaluation result be published?

  31. Sir,
    I want to find my childhood friend ..Now I got her Application number for plus one 16048132..Can you please help me to find her


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