Plus One Computer Science/Application Presentation Slides

Here are few study materials based on SCERT Plus One Computer Science Text Book that can be used in your class to make the teaching effective.
All are power point presentations. You can download and use it for class room transactions.
We request you to make use of this tools and give your valuable suggestions and feedback. For more details , please follow the links below.

Discipline of Computing
1.Discipline of Computing by Selvin Josy,BEM HSS,Palakkad
2.Discipline of Computing & Abacus Simulator Software
3.Evolution of Positional Number System
4.Generation of Computers
5.Evolution of Computing & Touring Machine
Peripheral Devices
1.Peripheral Devices
E-Waste & Green Computing
1.E-waste & Green Computing
C++ Programming
1.Principles of Programming
2.Introduction to C++ Programming
3.C++ Programming Tips,Data Types,Flow of Control,Increment Operator by Joy John,St.Josephs HSS,Trivandrum
4.Lets Play with C++
Computer Networks
1.Computer Networks by Vinod, NSS HSS,Prakkulam
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  1. The slides was very helpful. Thanks for the effort - TEAM

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  3. Dear sir,
    you have given excellent notes and slides for computer students.It is really very useful to the computer students.sir,if you have the PHP instalaltion notes in english language ,pls publish it.I am from tamilnadu. masilamani

  4. Me and my companions have completely delighted in this blog.
    canon ink

  5. Sir please post for all chapters, because there are some students like me who doesnt understand that teacher explains. i am able to understand what it means when seeing your presentation. please help

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