Article on Kerala Education By DPI

School Education Biju Prabhakar DPI
The DPI, Shri. Biju Prabhakar IAS, in an 18-page note submitted for discussion among stakeholders on examinations and administrative matters relating to the education sector, pointed out that there should be a reality check on whether achieving 100 per cent pass through artificial methods has contributed to improving the quality. Read the full text of the article "NAMMUDE SCHOOL VIDHYABHYASAM ENGOTTU?”.
Nammude School Vidhyabhyasam Engottu?. Article on Kerala Education by Sri.Biju Prabhakar IAS,DPI

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16 comments to ''Article on Kerala Education By DPI"


  2. The article on our school education by DPI is timely and needs urgent action.
    School is for education. But now much importance is given to everything else but not academics. Headmasters are running here and there with noon meal calculations, breakfast menus, vouchers, bills etc. Teachers are tackling a student community who are much smarter than teachers .They are well informed about modern gadgets , internet and google search. The scenario has changed a lot. parents do not want their children to do farming at schools, rather they want their wards to speak in English, do mathematics with ease, and expect them to fare better in the job market.
    Teachers are given lot of training , but the ground reality in each school is different. Authorities need evidences like photos, documentations. It is very easy to make such evidences. Strict monitoring is to be done for the success of any project. Is it happening anywhere in kerala? Aptitude for teaching is not assessed properly , so we have lot of teachers who mechanically do their job and forget about the result. Performance is not measured, promotions and increments are given without any monitoring.
    Keralam is a gem of a place with enlightened people and very good infrastructure, we can perform well, I am sure, under the leadership of the new DPI, we can rectify our mistakes, compensate the lost time, help our students to grow as global citizens.
    Sir, your article has really inspired me a lot
    Thank you

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