PD Account Fund Utilisation Guidelines

New Guidelines for PD Account Fund Utilisation

  • The entire fund will be pooled in one account of the Head of office under the control of the Director, Higher Secondary Education and he will open a “Development Fund” which will be utilized rationally for the welfare of the students.
  • All Principals of the Higher Secondary Schools will be directed to withdraw the amount and deposit in the Development Fund account of the Director, Higher Secondary Education, forthwith.
  • The Principals will see that no amount collected as „revenue receipts‟ shall be deposited in the PD Account.
  • Every year the amount in the PD account of the school shall be transferred to the Directorate of Higher Secondary Education and proposals will be moved for the welfare activities of the school. The Director will see that each school transfers the amount to the account every year promptly.
  • A fund Utilisation Committee will be constituted at the Directorate of Higher Secondary Education for the collection and proper utilization of the above fund

Utilisation Purposes

The fund will be used for the following purposes on priority basis.
  • Insurance of the students on accident or death (a new scheme may be started for further purpose):10%
  • Minor maintenance of class rooms, office and repairs of furniture, equipment‟s etc:20%
  • Purchase of computer, computer accessories, lab equipments, consumables, public address system, electronic media etc., :25%
  • Purchase of books, journals, study materials etc.:10%
  • Purchase of furniture, stationary items, development of toilet facility, drinking water facility, class room facility, welfare activities on sports, games, youth festival etc.:25%
  • Other welfare activities of the students:10% 


Please tell us what you think about this guidelines.

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