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How to Process DA Arrear in SPARK

Sunday, March 7, 2021 / 2 Comments
The Finance Department has decided to sanction revised DA to all govt employees, teachers and pensioners.  How to process DA arrear sanctioned to us as per GO(P)No.25/2021/Fin Dt 08-02-2021 and GO(P)No.27/2021/Fin dt .10/02/2021 is given here in detail.

Since the DA arrear is credited to PF, it should be included in the salary for the month of March. After that Salary should be processed.
Step 1: 
Select Salary Matters - Processing - Arrear- DA- D.A Arrear

Step 2:
Salary matters -> Processing -> Arrear -> DA -> Select DA Arrear, DDO code, Bill Type, Order number (GO(PNo.27/2021/Fin 10/02/2021) etc. To process DA arrear bill click ‘Select employee’ and mark tick in the check box against the employees and submit it.

Step 3:
After processing, DA Arrear bill can be generated thus- Salary Matters -> Bills and Schedules -> Arrear -> DA Arrear -> DA Arrear Bill. Check it and confirm it before printing inner bill. 
Step 4:
Then give Salary Matters -> Arrear -> Merge arrear with salary. For this DDO code, processed month in Arrear , Processed year be given. Give the month of salary with which arrear is to be merged in ‘Arrear to be merged with the salary for the year’. Then select the button - Credit to GPF through salary Bill. Click tick mark in the right side of the box while selecting ‘Processed Year’ and click ‘Proceed’ after this.

Step 5:
Once the merging process is over, you will get a message regarding this. Then click Salary matters -> change in the month -> Present Salary. Confirm whether the amount is added. 
Step 6:
Then the usual procedure for salary processing can be done by selecting Salary Matters ->Salary -> Monthly Salary Processing
DA Arrear Processing - Help file by Info Spark
DA Arrear-GO(P) No.25/2021/Fin Dated 08/02/2021
Kerala: 11th Pay Revision Order-GO(P) No. 27/2021/Fin dtd 10-02-2021

How to activate net banking service in eTSB account

Wednesday, July 24, 2019 / 8 Comments
The salary of the govt employees and teachers will be credited to the etsb account from the month of July 2019. All employees can give direction regarding the percentage of amount to be credited to etsb from salary. The balance amount can be transferred to the existing bank account.

An attractive percentage of interest would be given for the amount deposited in the treasury etsb. But the employees are confused of the facilities that would be made available with etsb. All the services offered by other banks are also provided with etsb account with internet banking. Etsb accounts based on KYC has been generated to all SPARK salaried employees.

How to register net banking service in eTSB account-Video Tutorial

The video tutorial portraying how to register and activate internet banking services in treasury eTSB account can be viewed from here.

How to get eTSB account number?

In SPARK software, Select Employee Name in Salary matters –Changes in the month – Present salary and click ‘go’ button to know etsb account number of the employee. Moreover, all employees might have got their etsb number by mobile sms.

How to avail of internet banking service online?

To activate internet banking services in etsb account, aadhar number and tsb account be linked.
Step 1 Visit the site. Click ‘New User Registration’ link.

Enter etsb account number, aadhar number, mobile number, email id and user id for internet banking in the window that opens. Click ‘next’ button.

Step 2 Now enter the OTP received in mobile and press verify button. Soon a message showing ‘application for internet banking service in tsb submitted successfully’ will be displayed.

 Also, a password to visit internet banking portal within 6 hours would be sent to the mobile.

Step 3 Visit the portal and enter the registered user name and the password sent to the mobile to log in.

Step 4: Reset the login password and also create a transaction password for online banking transactions.
Step 5: After resetting passwords, login again

How to install Digital Signature for signing SPARK/BIMS bills

Sunday, July 14, 2019 / No Comments

To install the a Digital Signature Device purchased from Keltron or other vendors, latest version of Java be installed in computer and the same can be installed from the website After that, Digital Signature Device can be installed in the computer.

After installing digital signature as per digital signature installation instruction found on the BIMS home page, Digital Signature Signer (DSC signer) should be installed. This requires any internet browser like internet explorer/Chrome/Firefox be readied. Then, through the DSC Registration Window seen in BIMS home page, DDO code and PEN be entered. The device password be given on the window that opens then and take the print out of pdf file that is made available now and it should be submitted to the treasury concerned.

After completing the above said process, Digital Signature password be entered through New DSC registration / renewal option in Administration menu in SPARK for completing installation. All bills can be digitally signed and e submitted further.

How to install Digital Signature in Windows Platform

The help file and supporting system files for installing digital signature in windows platform is given below.
Installation of Digital Signature-Windows Help Files
Digital Signature Installation in Windows-Help file prepared by Alrahiman
Software for Digital Signature Installation in Windows
Java Run Time Environment(JRE) for Windows(32 bit)
Java Run Time Environment(JRE) for Windows(64 bit)
DSC Signer for Windows
DSC Signer Root CA

How to Install Digital Signature in Ubuntu/Linux Platform

The help file and resources for the installation of Digital signature in Ubuntu/Installation is given below. Click the link below for Digital Signature installation steps.

Installation of Digital Signature in Ubuntu/Linux-Help Files
Digital Signature Installation in Ubuntu/Linux- Help file prepared by Alrahiman
Software for Digital Signature Installation in Ubuntu/Linux
Download NICDSign Package for Ubuntu
Related Downloads
Registration form for Digital Certificate
Circular & Govt Order
Implementing Digital Certificate for e-submitting all bills to treasuries. GO(P) No. 72/2019/Fin. dtd 24.06.2019 

Salary through eTSB account-Guidelines, Application Forms

Sunday, July 7, 2019 / 1 Comment
It has been decided by the Kerala Finance department that the salary from the month of July 2019 would be deposited in the treasury account itself. With this purpose, Employee Treasury Savings Bank(e-TSB) account has been generated automatically for all the employees. 

Those who need it to be dispersed through Bank should submit a written statement, Standing Instruction regarding this to the salary Drawing and Disbursing officers (DDO) on or before 15th of July 2019. The form in PDF is available here. The software for generating e-TSB KYC is available in the link given below.

The step is being taken as part of disbursing the salary of nearly five and half lakh government servants in the state. The government plans to complete all the steps in connection with this in the month of July itself and the salary would be disbursed from August to the eTSB account opened by the Kerala Government employees and Teachers.

To change salary to other Bank accounts the DDOs should enter the same in Bill Information and Management System (BIMS) before 25th July 2019. After this only, the salary bill for the month of July should be processed by the DDOs. According to the requirements of the employees, a particular amount from the salary too can be sent to the the bank account.

To avail of the internet banking passbook, cheque book, in eTSB account, the employees must submit Know your customer (KYC) to the DDOs along with a copy of aadhar, PAN card or voter ID card.  Software for generating KYC is given below.

Click the below link for eTSB KYC form to avail of the internet banking facility. Aadhaar linked mobile number be given in the treasury and the same should be entered in the KYC too. The employees can have changes in the ways as they wish in receiving salary. Click the link below for Standing instruction, KYC, Govt order, Guidelines etc:-.

eTSB account-Frequently Asked Questions & Answers
eTSB account for govt employees. GO(P) No.67/2019/Fin Dated 13-06-2019
eTSB account for govt employees. Notice to Employees
eTSB account-SPARK & BIMS updation and frequently asked questions
eTSB account-interest rate. G.O.(P)No.78/2019/fin. Dated 06-07-2019
eTSB account KYC(Know Your Customer) form in PDF
eTSB account KYC(Know Your Customer) form in PDF
Internet Banking in eTSB account-Help
eTSB Application, KYC and Standing Instruction Builder by Sobhan(Last updated on 11.07.2019)

How to Process Pay Revision Arrears in Spark

Sunday, October 14, 2018 / 1 Comment

Processing Fourth Installment of Pay Revision Arrears

The fourth installment of Pay Revision  Arrear amount along with interest rate 7.6% per annum for the period from 01-04-2018 to 30-09-2018 will be paid in cash to the state govt employees. The fourth installment of Pay revision arrear bill preparation steps are discussed in the following PDF file.
Tutorial to Process 4th installment of Pay revision Arrears in Spark(PDF)

Processing Third Installment of Pay Revision Arrears

The arrears on account of pay revision for the period from 01.07.2014 to 31.01.2016 will be paid in cash in four equal installments. The option for processing the 3rd installment of Pay Revision arrears in accordance with GO(P) No.50/2018/Fin Dated 26.03.2016 has been enabled in SPARK Software.

Before processing the 3rd installment arrear, DDOs are instructed to read the circular Circular No 34/2018/Fin dated 23.04.2018.(Click here to read the circular).

The steps to be followed in SPARK for generating third installment of Pay revision arrear is given below.

Step 1: Confirm Encashment Details

Before Processing the third Installment, confirm the Treasury encashment details of the second installment of pay revision arrear bill. (Select Salary matters-> Encashment Details -Select SPARK code of the first installment Pay Revision Arrear Bill,but in the case of reprocessed bills you should select reprocessed bill).
Draft bill option is not available for 3rd installment of pay revision arrears.The user may proceed with Make bill option for the 3rd installment.

Step 2: Make the 3rd installment Pay revision Arrear Bill

For generating the 3rd installment bill, Click on Accounts->Make Bill from Pay Roll option. Bill will be listed in  Make Bill from Pay roll option for doing make bill, Click on Make bill button and then you may able to view the links for generating the Bills and Schedules in the Make bill from Pay Roll option.

Step 3:Generate Pay Revision Arrear Bill

After make bill option, click Salary Matters->Pay revision 2014->Pay revision arrear->Pay revision Arrear Bill. Take print out of the bill(Third Installment).

Step 4: E submit Bill

Go to Accounts ->Select Bills->Click the option E-submit Bill

Step 5: View bill status

To view the bill status, go to Accounts->Bills->View submitted Pay bills
If the bill status seen as treasury objected, then this bill can be cancelled through the option Accounts->Cancel bill

The help file for processing 3rd installment of Pay Revision Arrear(PDF), Circulars etc can be downloaded from the following links.
Tutorial to Process 3rd installment of Pay revision Arrears in Spark(PDF)
Certificate to be submitted by DDO for processing salary from May 2018
Pay Revision 2014- Arrears-3rd Installment-Circular No 34/2018/Fin dated 23.04.2018
Payment of third installment of Pay revision arrears-GO(P) No.50/2018/fin dtd 26.03.2018

SPARK Deduction from Salary for Chief Minister's Distress Relief Fund(CMDRF)

Sunday, August 19, 2018 / 2 Comments
SPARK updated the CMRDF contribution details option for donating govt employees one month's gross salary(amount equivalent to 9/2018 gross salary) to CMRDF fund. Click here for SPARK user manual.
The Honorable Chief Minister of Kerala has requested all the Government employees of the state to contribute two days’ salary in the month of August/September towards the Chief Minister’s distress relief fund. Spark facility is enabled to deduct this amount. 

The amount should be deducted after getting consent from the employees in the prescribed proforma. Such deductions would be credited first to the Special TSB account of DDOs and then the same would be credited to the TSB account in favour of the Principal secretary of finance. The details of the deducted amount and ‘CMDRF written TSB cheque’ be attached by the DDOs with the bill for the month of August/September.Even if there is no such amount in the bill as mentioned, affidavit regarding this should be submitted by the DDOs. 
Contribution to Chief Minister's Distress Relief Fund(CMDRF)-SPARK User Manual
Contribution to Chief Minister's Distress Relief Fund(CMDRF)-Circular dtd 14.08.2018
Contribution to Chief Minister's Distress Relief Fund(CMDRF)-option form(sample)
If the bills for August month are already submitted, the amount towards the same can be deducted from the salary of the next month(September). DDOs of other offices where bills are not submitted through Spark,the amount should be collected as said before, and remitted to CMDRF. As no refunds with regard this are considered, the salary bill processing should be done with utmost care. 

As per the directions of the Finance Department (funds) the DDOs should take steps regarding affidavit for Income tax deduction. The contributions towards the CM's distress relief fund will get a 100 per cent exemption of tax according to the I-T Act, section 80G(2) (IIIHF).The Director of the treasuries may give the instructions to be followed by the treasury officers in connection with this.

Onam Special Festival Allowance

Government have revised orders sanctioning Special festival allowance to State Govt employees and Pensioners.
Special Festival Allowance - Revised Order .GO(P)No 134/2018/Fin dated 18/08/2018

CMDRF deduction in SPARK

SPARK updated the CMRDF contribution details option for donating govt employees one month's gross salary(amount equivalent to 9/2018 gross salary) to CMRDF fund. Click here for SPARK user manual.

How to Process Professional Tax in SPARK ?

Monday, August 6, 2018 / 10 Comments
Its time again to remit Professional tax. Now there is a change in the earlier mode of payment. It was adding six months income and calculating tax and remitting the amount towards tax in person. When the salary bills processing has become online, SPARK has bid farewell to such obsolete methods and time has passed by after the facility had been set up. Shall we deduct professional tax from this month salary itself? Let’s have a look on the way of doing it in Establishment interface in SPARK.

Salary Matters >> Processing >> Professional tax Calculation

Select DDO, Bill type from the following window.

If previous entry exists, click Remove Existing Professional tax to remove it. Then click Include Professional Tax. As the window opens, First half /Second half can be seen just below the Financial year. Since it is time to pay for the first half (April – Sep), click First half. Needless to say to click second half for paying tax amount of that particular period.
Click confirm to proceed. The details of professional tax deduction of those in Bill Type selected would be available then. To print/save the deduction statement, click Print Professional Tax Deduction.

When it is done, Professional tax deduction entry in Deduction column in Present Salary Details of staff in that Bill Type would be there.

Now, the salary for this month can be processed as usual. Professional tax schedule also can be printed out with other schedules from Bills and Schedule. This amount will be credited to the Special TSB account (STSB) in the name of DDO after the bill has been passed. Now the professional tax can be paid to the Panchayath / Municipality by cheque or payment transfer through cheque. Also, professional tax statement from SPARK can be submitted with this.

Help File Download
How to Process Professional Tax in SPARK ? Help File Prepared by Remla Sharaf
Submitting Professional Tax Receipt with Salary Bill-Govt Order GO(P) No.195/09/Fin. dtd 20.05.2009
Professional Tax -Amendment-Kerala Municipality Bill 2008
Spark Help Forum

SPARK e-News Letter

Friday, May 4, 2018 / 1 Comment
SPARK(Service and Payroll Administrative Repository for Kerala) is a portal specially created for the execution of salary and other such matters of government employees of Kerala state. The PEN number of employees who enter into govt service is generated through SPARK. Their salary and other emoluments are also processed here. Presently, this SPARK portal facilities are regulated by the Finance department.

SPARK e-news Letter

To make the govt employees conversant with the SPARK facilities and avail of all resources enabled by SPARK, SPARK e-news Letter has been introduced.

SPARK e-news letter is published in digital format every month. It brings us more information on latest and upcoming events, software updates, feed back etc. Spark e-news letter enhances the updation of important bulletins from SPARK section every month.

SPARK e-news letter published every month would be updated here. The news letter in PDF format can be downloaded from this link.
Download SPARK e-News Letter
Issue 08 September 2018
Issue 07 August 2018
Issue 06 July 2018
Issue 05 June 2018
Issue 04 May 2018
Issue 03 April 2018
Issue 02 March 2018
Issue 01 February 2018
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