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Income Tax Software Tools

Saturday, January 11, 2020 / 7 Comments

Income Tax Calculator Software for 2019-20

The Income tax for the financial year 2019-20 should be calculated and be paid completely with the salary bill for the month of February 2020. The software tools for doing these calculations and preparing statements are ready for use. Tax is calculated and remitted for the income of the period- from April 1st to March 31st. Since the salary for a month is encashed and received in the next month, inclusion of the salary for the month of March of the previous year and exclusion of the salary of the present year March exist(ie March 2019 to February 2020). All deductions that are possible till March 31st should be considered while calculating the tax amount. Salary means Basic salary, Dearness Allowance, House Rent Allowance, Earned leave Surrender, Festival allowance, bonus, pay revision arrear etc have to be included for tax calculations.
How to Prepare Income Tax Statement
How to Prepare Income Tax Statement for 2019-20. Guidelines Prepared by Alrahiman[PDF]

Net Salary,Gross Salary and Taxable Income

After calculating gross income as said above, the things given below can be deducted.
1.House Rent Allowance (HRA)
2.Vehicle Allowance
3.Amount remitted towards professional tax
The salary received after above said deductions from the gross salary income is called Net salary Income. The income received from rented buildings, business and professional capital gains, income from other sources should be added with this. The income from other sources added to the Net salary is known as Gross Income. As per chapter VI A, 80c, 80ccc, 80CCD sections, maximum Rs.1,50,000/- can be lessened. Apart from this 80CCD(1), 80CCG,80D, 80DD, 80DDB, 80E,80EE,80G,80U deductions are allowed.
The amount of income received after all said deductions should be rounded off to next 10 Rs amount. It is called the Taxable income. This income is considered for tax rate to be remitted. With the tax amount calculated, 2% education cess, 1% secondary and higher education cess (total -3%) should be added. The amount received thus is the tax to be remitted.

Tax Slab 2019-20

The significant change in the tax rate of the present year is the standard deduction of Rs.50000.
Taxable Income
Tax Rate
Till the age of 60Taxable upto Rs.2.5 lakhNil
Above Rs 2.5 lakh to 5 lakh5%
Upto Rs.10 lakh20%
Above Rs.10 lakh30%
From the age of 60Taxable upto Rs.3 lakhNil
Above Rs 3 lakh to 5 lakh5%
Upto Rs.10 lakh20%
Above Rs.10 lakh30%
From the age of 80Taxable upto Rs.5 lakhNil
Above Rs 5 lakh to 10 lakh20%
Above Rs.10 lakh30%

Relief Calculator

The software for calculating arrear relief is also published. The video help for relief calculator is available here.
Income tax software tools, supporting files, guidelines etc. can be downloaded from the link below.
Income Tax Calculator by Alrahiman
Easy Tax 2019-20 Income Tax Calculator by Alrahiman
Relief Calculator by Alrahiman
Income Tax Guidelines by Alrahiman 
Income Tax Calculator by Babu Vadukkumchery
ECTAX 2020 Income Tax Calculator by Babu Vadukkumchery
How to calculate Income Tax-Malayalam Note by Babu Vadukkumchery
Income Tax Calculator by Sudheer Kumar T.K
Easy Tax 2020 by Sudheer Kumar(Windows Version)
Easy Tax 2020 by Sudheer Kumar(Ubuntu Version)
Easy Tax 2020 by Sudheer Kumar-Help File
More Income Tax Calculator Tools
Income Tax Calculator 2020(i Tax) by Jijo George(last updated on 16.02.2020)
Income Tax Calculator by Saji V Kuriakose
Income Tax Calculator by Gigi Varughese
Income Tax Calculator by Anson Francis
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Kerala School Kalolsavam Manual, Software and Results

Wednesday, October 30, 2019 / 7 Comments

State School Kalolsavam Updates-2019

The 60th edition of Kerala School Kalolsavam(State level) 2019 is scheduled for November 28th to 1st December 2019 at Kanhangad, Kasargod. The Programme schedule,  Result link etc are given below.
State Kalolsavam Updates
State School Kalolsavam 2019- Result 
State School Kalolsavam 2019- Program Schedule 
State School Kalolsavam 2019-Instructions for Team Managers
State School Kalolsavam 2019- Identification Certificate

School Kalolsavam Results

The results of Kerala School Kalolsavam are given here State,District and Sub district wise.The particulars being given here are not accurate and authorative. It is the sole responsibility of the readers to assure the credibility of the results. To include the result links in the list ,it can be send to the blog in the following address
District Kalolsavam Results
State/District Kalolsavam Result

The Arts Fest of students of LP, UP, HS, HSS, VHSS students of govt/aided and recognized Un-Aided schools under General Education Department in our state is known as Kerala School Kalotsavam.

Revised School Kalolsavam Manual

The present manual for school kalolsavam has been modified. In this revised manual there are some significant changes from the existing one. Grades would be fixed for youth festival as it has been given for academic level activities. Hence, those who score 80% or more would be given A grade, 70 - 79% would be given B grade and C grade for 60 - 69%. More over all A grade winners at state level would be blessed with Cultural scholarship, the amount of which will be decided by the government.

At the High school(HS) level, total number of items would be 89 and categories would be 15. English, Kannada and Tamil versification(Kavitha Rachana) and English skit are also added.

At the Higher secondary(HSS/VHSS) level, there are 98 competition items of 14 categories. All students qualifying at the school level writing competitions would get a chance to participate at the sub district level. Besides Kathakali, Ottanthullal, Folk dance and Mimicry would be competition items common to all. Earlier it had been conducted separately for boys and girls.

Revised manual for school youth festival is available from the link below.
School Kalolsavam Manual
Manual for Kerala School Kalolsavam  2017(25-10-2017)
Manual for Kerala School Kalolsavam - Revision dtd 02-11-2017
Manual for Kerala School Kalolsavam - Revision dtd 21-11-2017
Manual for Kerala School Kalolsavam  - Revision dtd 06-10-2018
Kerala School Kalolsavam-Appeal Form(New)

Various Contests Categories

The competitions are conducted in 4 categories.
Category 1 - from std 1 to 4
Category 2 – from std 5 to 7
Category 3 – from std 8 to 10
Category 4 – std 11 and 12
Category 1 would culminate at sub district level itself. Category 2 would culminate at revenue district level & Category 3 & 4 would culminate at the state level respectively.


The competition items with 60% or more score are classified into 3 grades – Grade A, B and C.
80% or more – A Grade
from 70% to 79% - B Grade
from 60% to 69% - C Grade
Those who get top score with A grade only are eligible to participate in the next level.

Grace marks for Kalotsavam Winners

The system of awarding grace marks to A,B,C grade winners at state level continues. For A grade winners, the grace marks would be 30 marks, for B grade, 24 marks and for C grade, 18 marks.


The contest participants can go for appeal if they have any complaint. The appeal fee is Rs.500/- at school level, Rs.1000/- at sub district level, Rs.2000/- at district level and Rs.2500/- at state level. Appeal amount would be given to participants only when they score more than that of their contestant at the district level, against whom they have filed an appeal.
School level Kalotsavam Software
Software tools to enable the conduct of Kalotsavam at school level are available. With the help of these, various necessary reports for Kalotsavam can be prepared. This School-Level Kalolsavam software developed by Alrahiman and Rajesh K is designed to automate the back-end process of the School level LP,UP,HS,HSS,VHSS Kalolsavam. The entire process of the school level Kalolsavam, from the entry of a contest participant to the printing of results will be done at the click of a mouse. The tabulation and score sheets for the judges are also system generated. We request you to make use of this software products and give your valuable suggestions and feedback. Click the link to download.
School Level Kalamela Software by Rajesh K
School Level Kalolsavam Software- Kalamela Ver 2019 by Rajesh K(Last updated on 24.09.2019)
Help File
School Level Kalolsavam Software- Kalamela Ver 3.0 by Rajesh K(For LP Schools)
School Level Kalamela Software by Alrahiman
School Level Kalolsavam Software- Ulsav by Alrahiman
Help File
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Tips for School Level Kalolsavam Prepared by Suresh Kattilangadi

School Kalolsavam Data Entry Portal

Details of Kalotsavam participants who score top grade should be entered in the General Education Department’s kalotsavam portal on time. Then only it would be possible for them to compete at the sub district level. Portal link will be available soon.
Data Entry Portal
School Kalolsavam Data Entry Portal

Kerala PSC Exam Manager Software & Guidelines

Friday, October 11, 2019 / 19 Comments
A free Software developed by T.M.S Noufal, Govt HSS, Thirurangadi, Malappuram,Afsal K, Govt HSS,Sivapuram,Kozhikkode and Mujeeb Rahiman C, Govt HSS, Marayamangalam, Palakkad for school offices for conducting Kerala PSC Exams . It generates automatic Seating arrangement reports, Acquittance, Notice Board Preparations, Room label, Desk label, Attendance, Voucher and other forms. We request you to make use of this software products and give your valuable suggestions and feedback for the enrichment of these free products.
PSC Exam Manager by Mujeeb Rahiman
PSC Examination Manager Ver 21.06.01 for Schools by Mujeeb Rahiman (Ms-Access, Last updated on 21.06.2021)
PSC Exam Manager by T.M.S Noufal
PSC Examination Manager for Schools Ver 2.1 by T.M.S Noufal (Ms-Excel,Last updated on 17.04.2021)
PSC Exam Manager by Afsal.K
PSC Desk Label Printer by Afsal.K (Ms-Access)
Related Downloads
Kerala PSC Exam : Remuneration revised. Circular dtd 25-06-2021
Kerala PSC Exam : Utility Charge for Schools. Guidelines. Circular dtd 05-10-2020
Kerala PSC Exam : Invigilation Duty & Exam Centre GO(P) No.2/2020 dtd 13.01.2020
Kerala PSC Exam : Instructions to Chief Superintendent
Kerala PSC Exam : Instructions to Assistant Superintendent
Kerala PSC Exam : Guidelines to HSS Schools G.O No. 2647/2012/ Gen.Edn dtd 08.06.12
Kerala PSC Exam : Guidelines to Invigilators. circular dtd 06.01.2012

Progress Report Creator

Tuesday, September 10, 2019 / 32 Comments
Teachers spend their precious time by preparing the progress report manually, doing all the calculation such as grades, percentages for each and every student which is very tedious and time consuming. The Progress Report Creator Software automatically generates Progress report, CE report ,Class PTA report and gives consolidated reports of score after each term exam , and can be kept as a record (Mark Register). It also simplifies the process of tracking the students' progress. We request you to make use of these software products and give your valuable suggestions and feedback for the enrichment of these free products.
Progress Report Creator
Progress Reporter Prepared by Ramesh Tirur(Excel Software)
Proper More Ver 2.0 Software for HSS by Rajesh K S(Last updated on 09.01.2020) | Help File
Progress Report Generator Software for Higher Secondary by Alrahiman
Score Reporter 7.0 by Sijuraj N
Mark list Generator 8.2 by Ajith Kanthi(Last updated on 02.01.2019)
Progress Card Maker by Bibin C. Jacob
Progress Card Maker(Ubuntu/Linux Version) by Bibin C. Jacob
Progress Report Creator for High School & UP Section
Mark list Generator for HS&UP by Ajith P P
Proper for VHSE by Rajesh K(Last updated on 10.09.2018)
Proper for High School(Last updated on 09.01.2020)

Hsslive Edu App-Android app for Higher Secondary blog !

Thursday, September 5, 2019 / 16 Comments
Hsslive Android app has been revamped. Higher Secondary Plus one, Plus two study materials, online textbook, previous year question papers, answer key, various scholarships for students, entrance exam details, exam results, various Government orders for teachers and Government employees etc will be further available in your mobile. Use the link below and download Hsslive Edu App from Google Play Store. Let us examine the revamped mobile application facilities.

1.What's New: 

Latest study matter updates, educational news in Hsslive are available as notifications here. 

2.Study Notes: 

All study materials published in Hsslive can be downloaded from this link which is classified subject wise. 

3.Text Books: 

Higher secondary plus one and plus two textbooks for students studying in the state syllabus can be downloaded in PDF form from here. 

4. Exam Results: 

Higher secondary exam and various entrance exam results can be known from this link. 

5.Previous Question Paper and Answer key: 

All public and terminal exam Higher Secondary questions and answer key collection are provided here. 

6. Government Orders: 

Various Government orders that may be useful for the Teachers and Government employees are given here. 

7. Scholarships: 

Several scholarships for the students are updated here now and then. 

8. Connect us: 

The link to become a member of social media platforms like official Whatsapp and Facebook of, Instagram, YouTube is available here. 

9. Other Features: 

Search - Search all posts
Bookmark - offline reading, 
Share - App link extra can be shared here. 

10.Text to Speech: 

The major highlight of this app is, Text to Speech. To listen to the speech, open the post and press - text to speech button. The link to be downloaded from the Play Store is given below.
Download Hsslive Edu App

How to install Digital Signature for signing SPARK/BIMS bills

Sunday, July 14, 2019 / No Comments

Update: Digital Signature Renewal-Tutorial Video
To install the a Digital Signature Device purchased from Keltron or other vendors, latest version of Java be installed in computer and the same can be installed from the website After that, Digital Signature Device can be installed in the computer.

After installing digital signature as per digital signature installation instruction found on the BIMS home page, Digital Signature Signer (DSC signer) should be installed. This requires any internet browser like internet explorer/Chrome/Firefox be readied. Then, through the DSC Registration Window seen in BIMS home page, DDO code and PEN be entered. The device password be given on the window that opens then and take the print out of pdf file that is made available now and it should be submitted to the treasury concerned.

After completing the above said process, Digital Signature password be entered through New DSC registration / renewal option in Administration menu in SPARK for completing installation. All bills can be digitally signed and e submitted further.

How to install Digital Signature in Windows Platform

The help file and supporting system files for installing digital signature in windows platform is given below.
Installation of Digital Signature-Windows Help Files
Digital Signature Installation in Windows-Help file prepared by Alrahiman
Software for Digital Signature Installation in Windows
Java Run Time Environment(JRE) for Windows(32 bit)
Java Run Time Environment(JRE) for Windows(64 bit)
DSC Signer for Windows
DSC Signer Root CA

How to Install Digital Signature in Ubuntu/Linux Platform

The help file and resources for the installation of Digital signature in Ubuntu/Installation is given below. Click the link below for Digital Signature installation steps.

Installation of Digital Signature in Ubuntu/Linux-Help Files
Digital Signature Installation in Ubuntu/Linux- Help file prepared by Alrahiman
Software for Digital Signature Installation in Ubuntu/Linux
Download NICDSign Package for Ubuntu
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Registration form for Digital Certificate
Circular & Govt Order
Implementing Digital Certificate for e-submitting all bills to treasuries. GO(P) No. 72/2019/Fin. dtd 24.06.2019 

Salary through eTSB account-Guidelines, Application Forms

Sunday, July 7, 2019 / 1 Comment
It has been decided by the Kerala Finance department that the salary from the month of July 2019 would be deposited in the treasury account itself. With this purpose, Employee Treasury Savings Bank(e-TSB) account has been generated automatically for all the employees. 

Those who need it to be dispersed through Bank should submit a written statement, Standing Instruction regarding this to the salary Drawing and Disbursing officers (DDO) on or before 15th of July 2019. The form in PDF is available here. The software for generating e-TSB KYC is available in the link given below.

The step is being taken as part of disbursing the salary of nearly five and half lakh government servants in the state. The government plans to complete all the steps in connection with this in the month of July itself and the salary would be disbursed from August to the eTSB account opened by the Kerala Government employees and Teachers.

To change salary to other Bank accounts the DDOs should enter the same in Bill Information and Management System (BIMS) before 25th July 2019. After this only, the salary bill for the month of July should be processed by the DDOs. According to the requirements of the employees, a particular amount from the salary too can be sent to the the bank account.

To avail of the internet banking passbook, cheque book, in eTSB account, the employees must submit Know your customer (KYC) to the DDOs along with a copy of aadhar, PAN card or voter ID card.  Software for generating KYC is given below.

Click the below link for eTSB KYC form to avail of the internet banking facility. Aadhaar linked mobile number be given in the treasury and the same should be entered in the KYC too. The employees can have changes in the ways as they wish in receiving salary. Click the link below for Standing instruction, KYC, Govt order, Guidelines etc:-.

eTSB account-Frequently Asked Questions & Answers
eTSB account for govt employees. GO(P) No.67/2019/Fin Dated 13-06-2019
eTSB account for govt employees. Notice to Employees
eTSB account-SPARK & BIMS updation and frequently asked questions
eTSB account-interest rate. G.O.(P)No.78/2019/fin. Dated 06-07-2019
eTSB account KYC(Know Your Customer) form in PDF
eTSB account KYC(Know Your Customer) form in PDF
Internet Banking in eTSB account-Help
eTSB Application, KYC and Standing Instruction Builder by Sobhan(Last updated on 11.07.2019)

TC and Conduct Certificate Builder

Wednesday, May 1, 2019 / 2 Comments
TC&CC Writer software products developed by Rajesh K, HSST, Govt HSS Naduvannoor, Kozhikkodu, Alrahiman,HSST,Govt Girls HSS,B.P Angadi, Tirur, Ajit John are extremely simple to use and help you to print Transfer and Conduct Certificates. This software can be used to generate Transfer Certificate(TC) for the Higher Secondary Students who are completing plus two Course in March 2019. We request you to make use of this software product and give your valuable suggestions and feedback for the enrichment of this free products.
Transfer & Conduct Certificate Builder 2019-Alrahiman
HSE TC Generator-2019 by Alrahiman
Transfer & Conduct Certificate Builder 2019-Rajesh
TC & CC Writer 2019 Ver 1.0 Software By Rajesh.K (Last updated on 09.06.2019)