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Higher secondary students can now write improvement exam for upto three subjects

Monday, March 9, 2020 / 52 Comments
Update: Higher Secondary Second year SAY/Improvement Examination-Modified Govt Order GO(MS) No.131/2020/Gen.Edn dtd 27.07.2020. Download Now !
The Department of General Education along with Higher Secondary Education Department is always trying for the betterment of education for the students. As the students of Higher Secondary section are in the threshold of next academic field for their future career, the Department of Education has planned certain changes in the SAY/Improvement exam so as to enable most of the students to have better chances of higher education by improving or upgrading their score. 

As far now, the Second year Higher Secondary students can improve their score in one subject only. Whereas the students can appear for improvement exam further to improve their score in 3 subjects. Similarly, the students appearing for SAY exam were denied of any chance to upgrade their score so far. 

But the present decision by the Highest Secondary Education Department has made it now possible for the second year students to improve their score in three subjects apart from appearing for SAY exam. The department has realized invariable need of the students and ultimately the decision has come into force.
Higher Secondary Second year SAY/Improvement Examination-Modified Govt Order GO(MS) No.131/2020/Gen.Edn dtd 27.07.2020.
Higher secondary students can now write improvement exam for upto three subjects.GO(P) No. 3/2020/Gen.Edn dtd 09.01.20

Bonafide Plus Two Certificate with Novel Design

Thursday, February 27, 2020 / 2 Comments
Higher Secondary certificate has been issued since 2013 in the model recognised by the government. As it does not have any individual information of the students, it provides chances for malpractices in certificates. Hence, the Director of General Education has reported to revise the certificate pattern urgently by including more details of the students and requested for government permission to issue a revised certificate carrying the details like father name, mother name, date of birth, photo of the student, total score, School code etc:-

The revised model of Higher secondary Plus Two certificate can be used as a foolproof record of one's individual info as it is miniature form of one's personal record with essential details as said above along with stream chosen for Higher Secondary course.

The prominent feature of it is that the photograph of the student is embedded on the certificate apart from QR Code so as to avoid any possible identity issues. Thus the plus two certificate is revised to make it more authentic and perfect one.
Higher Secondary plus two certificate-new design

After examining the matter in detail, the government has consented the new model of the certificate and issued an order to the Director of General Education to issue the same.
New design for Higher Secondary Certificate. GO(Ms) No. 28/2020/Gen.Edn Dated 06.02.2020

Consolidated mark list for Higher secondary students

Wednesday, February 26, 2020 / 1 Comment
A separate mark list is being issued nowadays for the scores obtained in the improvement exam that students appear after the second year Higher Secondary exam. At present there is no provision to join these two in one mark sheet. The Director of General Education has reported that an apt decision will be taken to issue a mark sheet bearing both the scores in one as and when the government gives its consent. The government looked into the matter and directed to submit before the committee the recommendations for revising the exam manual. 

The Joint Director of Higher Secondary Education has reported that issue of eligibility certificate which comprises of the two certificates of the students who have failed in certain subjects in their March exam and passed the same in SAY exam prevails now and he has also requested to take a suitable decision in this matter as the exam manual committee lacks time to present the issuance of a single certificate, it may not be beneficial to the students. The Director of General Education has reported that any financial liabilities will not arise as Rs. 40 is collected from the students towards certificate fee and the NIC has to be required to prepare a software for the issue of single certificate. 

Except the delay in software preparation, the issue of both the scores in one sheet can be done on time. The government has scrutinized the matter and a new certificate would be issued as planned now for the students who get through all subjects after appearing SAY whereas a separate certificate would be issued for the improvement score. 

The government has also noticed the difficulty of such students who have to present both the certificates for the higher studies and plans to make both in one certificate to rectify this matter. Under these circumstances the Director of General Education is directed to issue one certificate bearing both the scores obtained in March exam and the improvement exam and the priority shall be given to the certificates from March exam of 2019.
Consolidated mark list for second year Higher secondary improvement exam. GO(Ms) No. 28/2020/Gen.Edn dated 06.02.2020

Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme (GPAIS)

Monday, November 18, 2019 / 15 Comments
Government have renewed the Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme(GPAIS) for a period of one year with effect from 01.01.2021.

GPAIS subscription for the year 2021 will have to be deducted from the salary of November 2020. Annual one-time premium of Rs. 850+GST for employees of KSEB, Rs. 600+GST for employees of KSRTC and Rs. 500 for State Government employees and employees of Aided Institutions, Universities, Co-operative Institutions, Autonomous Bodies, and all other Public Sector Undertakings.

All DDOs authenticated to draw and disburse salary of employees should deduct the premium from the salary of all categories of employees included in the scheme for the month of November 2020 payable in December 2020

How to deduct GPAIS in Spark?
Step 1: Select Salary Matters-Changes in the Month-Deductions-Add Deductions to All.
Step 2: Select recovery Item as GPAI Scheme(375), Bill Type, Recovery amount :500(for state govt employees), From date: 01/11/2020 To date: 30/11/2020. Then Click Proceed button.
Click the below link for government order , Nomination Form,  Claim form etc:-
GPAI Scheme -last date for remitting preimium-date extended. GO(rt) No.620/2021/Fin dtd 23.01.2021
GPAI Scheme -Deduction Entry in Spark. Tutorial
GPAI Scheme -Renewal of the scheme for the year 2021. GO(P) No. 150/2019/ Fin Dated 05.11.2020
GPAI Scheme -Nomination Form
GPAI Scheme - Claim Form
GPAIS Policy Guidelines
GPAI Scheme-Guidelines for claim approval

Use of mobile phone banned in schools

Tuesday, October 22, 2019 / 3 Comments
The mobile phone, one of the modern social media has a tremendous influence in the society. The same gadget used early for very limited purposes is now being used for several matters. It has been seen that, it is used increasingly for undesirable purposes nowadays and the use of mobile phones has become a menace in the school atmosphere. 

As per a government circular in 2005, the students were restricted to use mobile phones in educational institutions. Still it has been found that its use has increased considerably. Besides the teachers were also directed against its use in classrooms. The ethics committee has given the power to the head of the institution to take action against such teachers and children as well. 

What action can be taken against those Students/Teachers who bring mobile phones to classrooms? 

As per the Government order and directions in 2005, if mobile phones are found among the students in schools it can be taken away from them and can be kept for auction and such money can be an accumulation for PTA fund. The heads of the educational institutions have been assigned the responsibility for this. The various Government orders and circulars regarding banning of mobile phones in educational institutions can be downloaded from the link below.
Mobile phone banned in Schools-Guidelines. Circular No.49827/G3/09/Gen.Edn dtd 29-04-2010
Use of mobile phone banned in school. Circular No.ACD.C4/101721/18/HSE dtd 25-01-2018
Use of mobile phone banned in school. Guidelines dtd 10-10-2019

Higher Secondary Plus One Single Window Admission

Saturday, June 15, 2019 / No Comments
Higher Secondary Single Window Admission-Revised Schedule Published. Check Now !
Higher Secondary First year admission process starts on 29th July 2020. Admission to Plus One classes in Govt/Aided/Unaided Higher Secondary schools in Kerala is done through Single Window System. This Higher Secondary admission process has been followed for the past few years in an easy and effective manner.

When to apply for Plus One admission?

As soon as the results of 10th std students studying in State syllabus are published, the admission process would begin. A prospectus recognized by the govt would be published for this. 

Single Window Admission System(Ekajalakam)

Admission to Plus one classes in Govt and aided Higher Secondary Schools is done through Centralised Allotment Process called Single Window Admission(Ekajalakam). This allotment Process starts immediately after the publication of SSLC/10th standard results. Admission through this system is to procure the merit seats in Govt and aided Higher secondary schools. This is an endeavor to clear the doubts regarding plus one admission that are likely to arise among the students and parents.

How to submit application for Single Window Admission?

Applications should be submitted online for admission to Plus One in Higher Secondary schools in Kerala. The HSCAP portal is exclusively for this purpose. While applying online, the scores obtained in SSLC exam, Date of Birth, details of participation in club activities and other such data should be entered for availing of eligible grace marks.

The students should submit their Single Window Application online through Computer system/Mobile with internet connection or govt or aided Higher Secondary schools in the state. 

Single Window Admission Help Video by Higher Secondary Career Guidance & Adolescent Counselling Cell(CG&AC), Kerala

The Higher Secondary Career Guidance and Adolescent Counselling cell & ICT Cell has prepared separate videos for the students, on the directions and guidelines for Single Window Admission Process. 

Single Window Help Line Video by ICT Cell

Single Window Help Line Video Part 1 by CG & AC

Single Window Help Line Video Part 2 by CG & AC

Is one application sufficient for all districts in Kerala?

It is sufficient to submit one application for schools in one district, whereas for admission to schools in other districts, a separate application to each district has to be given. Read Prospectus for details.

Can corrections be done in online submitted applications?

Yes. Corrections are possible. If the details given in the application are found to be unjust, the application will stand cancelled. Hence, the applicants had better confirm the details in the application in HSCAP admission portal. 

What is the eligibility criteria for plus one admission through Single Window System?

Students who have passed S.S.L.C or Equivalency Exam conducted by other Boards can apply for Single Window Admission. Students studied under CBSE syllabus must have gone through the CBSE Board exam.

What is school code?

The code number given to govt/aided/unaided Higher Secondary schools is of much significance in the admission process. To find out the code number of Higher Secondary schools in each district. Check School Code Here

Combination Code

There are 46 subject combinations available in Higher Secondary course. They are clubbed differently as Science, Humanities and Commerce groups. The groups with subject combinations, their code, weightage given to all subjects in SSLC while choosing each combination for admission to Plus One, are given below. Refer the Annexure 10 in the prospectus to know the subject combination sanctioned to each school district wise. Check Higher Secondary Subject combinations and codes.

How to give options?

At the time of online submission of application for Higher Secondary admission, meticulous care is needed for the entry of options. Applicant’s priority may vary as some would focus on school while others on subject combination. There is no limit to set options. Make a list of the schools of your preference and those have with transportation facility also. A sample form is given below to prepare a list of your options before entering online. Entry of options be done only after checking the names of institutions.  Download Sample Worksheet for Option Entry.

What is the criteria for Plus One Admission?

Eligibility of each student for admission is determined by WGPA (Weightage Grade Point Average). Weightage will be given to certain subjects of the qualifying examination according to the subject combination selected by the student.
To know how WGPA is calculated click the link. Online WGPA Calculator. To know the last rank details in 2018 admissions, check official portal

How the bonus points, if any, are granted in rank list preparation for admission?

Bonus points are granted as per the list given below.

Main Allotment

Allotment list would be published in the Admission portal after preparing a rank list on the basis of marks obtained in the qualifying exam. There would be two allotments in the first round. In accordance with the availability of seats, Supplementary allotment may follow this.

Permanent Admission and Temporary Admission

Students who get first option allotment must pay their fee and take permanent admission within the time allotted. If the first option is not allotted in the first allotment, but expecting higher options in the next allotment, such students can take temporary admission and continue as such till the completion of main allotments.

Supplementary Allotment Process

Closure of the main allotment process is followed by supplementary allotment and school combination transfer allotment. Students are advised to check the admission portal regularly to alert themselves of the notifications, and latest info related to admission etc.

Higher Secondary Single Window Admission 2020

To have a clear understanding of the Single Window Admission procedure for admission to Higher Secondary course, First year, read the prospectus and annexures published by the Directorate of Higher Secondary Education. After the publication of the prospectus, it can be downloaded from the link.

Single Window Help Desk

Single Window Help Desk will be functioning in govt and aided Higher Secondary schools to guide and help the students to know more about the procedure and to submit Single window application. The students and parents can make use of this free service.

Single Window Admission Schedule 2020

The Single Window Admission schedule for the academic year 2020-21 and updates would be made available here, as and when it is published. Use this desk to share and clear your doubts.

Commencement of online submission of Applications: 29-07-2020 5 PM
Closing of Online Submission of Application: 25-08-2020
Publication of Trial Allotment: 05-09-2020
Publication of First Allotment: 14-09-2020
Publication of Second Allotment: Not Available
Commencement of Classes: Not Available
Plus One Single Window Admission 2020-21
Higher secondary Plus one Single Window Admission Prospectus 2020-21
Higher secondary Plus one Single Window Admission 2020: How to Apply?
Higher secondary Plus one Single Window Admission Portal(
Plus One Single Window Admission 2020-21
Higher secondary Plus one Sports Quota Admission 2020-21
Higher Secondary Plus one Single Window Admission 2020-Marginal Seat Increase. Govt Order GO(MS) No.136/2020/Gen.Edn dtd 06.08.2020
Plus One Admission-Certificates to be produced at the time of Admission-Circular dtd 04-08-2020

School Transfer for Higher Secondary Second Year Students

Friday, May 10, 2019 / 23 Comments
Students who are willing to continue second year of their Higher secondary course after completing first year in one school, should submit an application for second year school transfer. 

The Principal of the Higher secondary school has the right to consider applications of school transfer of Higher secondary first year completed Govt/Aided/Unaided students studied in state syllabus and admit in the second year provided there are vacancies. School transfer application for second year be completed in 30 days after school reopening. Mutual school transfer is permissible for govt /aided/Unaided school students. 

Students who completed first year in Open School scheme also can avail this opportunity for second year admission in regular Higher secondary school. While considering the application of open school students, priority should be given to the regular students. Where as the Regional Deputy Director of Higher Secondary education concerned is responsible for issuing the order.

Director of Higher secondary education has the right to admit students promoted to second year and studied in Other States or Countries or in CBSE scheme. Such students must appear for all subjects in the first year improvement exam conducted by DHSE. 

Click the link below to download Higher Secondary Second Year (Plus Two) school transfer related government order and guidelines.
School Transfer & Readmission for Higher Secondary Second Year Students-Circular dtd 24.09.2020
School Transfer & Readmission for Higher Secondary Second Year Students-Circular dtd 01.07.2020
School Transfer & Readmission for Higher Secondary Second Year Students-Circular dtd 07.05.2019
School Transfer & Readmission for Higher Secondary Second Year Students-Circular dtd 28.05.2018
School Transfer for Higher Secondary Second Year Students-Government Order and Guidelines

PRISM-Pensioner Information System

Sunday, April 7, 2019 / 1 Comment
The Finance department has started a new move to have a centrally or unified control administered mechanism through prism with a view to help the pensioners.

PRISM, Pensioners information System is for the Welfare of pensioners.Through this software, faculties from various departments like Education, Health and Police can submit pension related documents even before the date of their retirement to get their pension related benefits. 

The Pension applications sent thus will be verified and approved to be forwarded to the Pension Sanctioning Authority for obtaining pension benefits. The sanction order will be forwarded to the Accountant General for authorization and issue of Pension Payment Order. Dept of Treasuries would disburse pension and other related benefits, based on the Pension Payment Order issued by the Accountant General.

Those who are to retire can submit their online application quite early through, PRISM, an online Pensioners’ portal. The new users should register in the portal. The Help file defining how to register and enter details is given here.

How to Register in Prism Pension Portal?

A detailed video on registration of Prism, uploading details in the pension book, forwarding pension details to authorities etc is given here. It has been prepared by Sri. Binoy K Abraham, SITC, St.John's VHSS, Ummannoor, Kollam.
Prism Portal
Prism Portal for Pensioners
Prism Portal-Govt Order
Submitting Pension Proposal-Descriptive roll and identification particulars-Circular & Form dtd 27-04-2021
Pension calculation-revised-rules-Govt order GO(P) No.145/2020 fin dtd 30-10-2020
Pension calculation-revised-rules-Govt order GO(P) No.130/2020 fin dtd 01-10-2020
Timely submission of pension application and service book to the Accountant General. Circular No.55/2020/Fin dtd 25-09-2020
Disbursal of Pensionary Benefits without delay to Employees Retired from Service.GO(P) No.67/2020/Fin dtd 27-05-2020
Prism-Pensioners Information System-submitting application-additional instructions-GO(P)No120/2019 Fin Dated 30-08-2019
e-Pension Payment Order(e-PPO) system for pensioners. GO(p) No.61/2019/Fin. dtd 27.05.2019 
Distribution of Pension benefits-Guidelines GO(P) No.55/2019/Fin dtd 04.05.2019
PRISM portal-Updating Email ID and Mobile Number. Circular dtd 22.03.2019
PRISM portal-Higher Secondary Assistant Nodal Officers
Implementation of PRISM portal. circular dtd 13.02.2019
Implementation of PRISM portal. G.O.(P) No.119/2018/Fin.dated, Thiruvananthapuram, 20.12.2018
e-submission of pension papers -Education Department. G.O.(P) No.98/2018/Fin.dated, Thiruvananthapuram, 26.06.2018
e-submission of pension papers-Detailed Guidelines and procedures.G.O.(P) No.49/2017/Fin.dated, Thiruvananthapuram, 21.04.2017
Prism Portal-Help File
Prism Portal -Help file for user account creation prepared by ISM IT Division
Prism Portal -Help file for registration