Lock down, Work arrangement and Presence in Government office & Schools

Lock down, Work arrangement and Presence
In the present situation of global pandemic of Covid 19, several GOs have been published regarding the presence of the govt employees & teachers from the starting period of declaration of lock down  March 2020 to till date. As there are some doubts to the govt employees, regarding the GOs and work arrangement, to make it clear, let us have a glance at all the Govt Orders published till the present day. 

1. March 2020 

50% of group B,C and D employees should be present and Saturday will be a holiday for all govt offices.
General Administration Department -coronavirus -holiday -declared to all educational institutions reg G.O(Ms)No.41-GAD dtd 11-03-2020
General Education Department - Corona Virus (Covid-19)-immediate action reg G.O(Rt)No.1264-G.Edn dtd 11-03-2020
General Education Department - Corona Virus (Covid-19)-immediate action -clarification G.O(Rt)No.1335/2020-G.Edn dtd 18-03-2020
GO(Rt) No. 1247/2020/GAD dtd 20-03-2020
Almost all govt offices except the very necessary or emergency service departments like Secretariat, various Directorates, Health Services, Police, Civil Supplies, Fire etc remained closed till 17/04/2020.
GO(MS) No. 49/2020 GAD dtd 23-03-2020
Hsslive-General Education Department - COVID -19 - Strengthening of surveillance measures and Construction of COVID-19 Cell in General Education Department - Orders issued. - G.O.(Rt) No. 1402-GEDN.pdf dtd 24-03-2020
The payment of wages of Contractual-Casual-Daily wage-Outsourced Staff during lock down period due to COVID. GO(P) No. 33/2020/Fin dtd 26-03-2020
General Administration Department - COVID19 - Government offices and employees - restrictions - revised order - G.O.(Rt) No. 1282-GAD dtd 27-03-2020

2. April 2020 

From 18/04/2020, class 1&2 govt employees should have to be present 5 days a week. Saturday is a holiday. For class 3 & 4 employees, the presence ratio should be 33%. This existed till 22/04/2020. 
The payment of wages of Contractual-Casual-Daily wage-Outsourced Staff during lock down period due to COVID-clarification-GO(P) No. 40/2020/Fin dtd 09-04-2020
Circular No. 90.SS.1./2020/GAD dtd 11-04-2020
GO(MS) No. 78/2020/GAD dtd 17-04-2020
Very least number of employees from Red zone districts and hot spot areas, 33% of employees in Secretariat and Directorate, in all other offices except Red zone and hot spot 50 % of employees of A & B category, 33% of B & C category should have to be present. Physically handicapped, persons with severe illness, pregnant women and parents with children below 5 years should be exempted from work. This situation was from 23/04/2020 to 18/05/2020 
Circular No. SS 1/91/2020/GAD dtd 22-04-2020

3. May 2020 

50% of all category employees should be present. After the declaration of lock down, the employees working in other districts and those who can’t be present to duty should be present before the collector of the district concerned. 
GO(MS) No.99/2020/GAD dtd 18-05-2020 

4. June 2020 

Very few govt employees at the offices in the containment zone need present. All employees must have to be present in other places. Employees who are parents of physically disabled or severe illness, autism /cerebral parsley children, mother of children below one year, 7 months completed pregnant women etc be exempted. Also. Special casual leave can be allotted to the employees residing in the containment zone on producing an affidavit from the secretary from the LSGD concerned. This came into force from 07/06/2020 
GO(MS) No. 112/2020 dtd 07-06-2020

Group B employees should be present on all days. Others be limited according the social distancing norms. Those who can’t reach other districts, can be present in the Collectorate or Panchayath with permission from their parent department. 
GO(MS) No. 117/2020/GAD dtdt 18.06.2020

5. July 2020 

With effect from 01/07/2020(Go No. 112 & 117 – continuation). In the office where social distancing can’t be followed for work arrangement, the head of the office concerned can take suitable decision for the presence of the Group D & C employees on alternative days or week. For the employees under quarantine, special causal leave for that period along with ‘work from home’. Pregnant women need not go to office instead, they should make arrangement for work from home. The order still prevails.
Circular No. SS.1.236/2020/GAD dtd 01-07-2020
GO(MS) 128/2020 dtd 02-07-2020

6. September 2020 

All govt offices shall function with 100% attendance.
Appointment, Approval, Rejoin after LWA and other leaves. Higher Secondary Education-Circular dtd 14.09.2020
Functioning of govt offices in full strength. GO(Rt) No-756-2020-dmd dtd 22-09-2020
Appointment, Approval, Rejoin after LWA and other leaves. General Education-Circular dtd 28.09.2020
Gazatted officers appointed as Sectoral officers. GO(Rt) No. 768/2020/DMD dtd 29.09.2020

7. October 2020

Pregnant officers, breast feeding mothers having kids less than one year, cancer patients and officers undergoing organ transplant are exempted from appearing directly in the office for the duty and they are allowed to work from home.
Functioning of govt offices in full strength. Clarification  GO(rt) no. 814/2020/DMD dtd 14.10.2020

8. December 2020

Govt office-Guidelines-GO(MS) No 964/2020/dmd dtd 10-12-2020
50% attendance from December 17th - guidelines dtd 15-12-2020

9. January 2021

School Working-Revised guidelines from 25th January 2021
Saturday Working day for Govt offices-GO(Ms) No.16/2021/GAD dtd 13.01.2021

10. February 2021

Work from home-clarification circular dtd 02-02-2021

11. April 2021

Work from home-50% Attendance-Restrictions for the effective containmnet of covid 19-50% attendance in Govt offices. GO(Rt)378/2021/DMD dtd 21-04-2021
Work from home-50% Attendance-Restrictions for the effective containmnet of covid 19-DGE Circular dtd 22-04-2021

11. May 2021

Work from home-25% Attendance-Restrictions for the effective containmnet of covid 19-25% attendance in Govt offices. GO(Rt) No.297/2021/DMD dtd 03-05-2021
Covid 19 - Exemption from duty to blind and other disabled employees-exemption granted-orders issued. G.O.(Rt) No.394/2021/DMD Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 03-05-2021
Disaster Management Department - Covid-19 – containment activities-lock down in the State from 8th May 2021-G.O.(Rt)No.404/2021/DMD Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 06-05-2021
Covid duty for govt employees & teachers-G.O.(Rt)No.410/2021/DMD Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 11-05-2021
Covid duty for govt employees & teachers-Revised G.O.(Rt)No.412/2021/DMD Dated,Thiruvananthapuram, 12-05-2021

This would be helpful to mark in the attendance register along with the Order No in connection with it, in that period from 23rd of March 2020.

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