Kerala School Kalolsavam Manual and Results

Kerala School Kalolsavam is a festival unique in its structure and organisation. The organisational set up from school level to state level for the conduct of the Kalolsavam is monitored by Education Department as per the manual. Click the below link for Kerala School Kalolsavam Manual , Circular, updates etc:-

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14 comments to ''Kerala School Kalolsavam Manual and Results"

  1. it is really boring to watch the same old programs conducting in the same way by spending crores of public money. Introduce more colorful and modern items such as cinematic dance would be more public friendly. And also some one please stop the practice of girls dancing to the tune of hard and horrible male voices. It is not only irritating but the girls efforts and talents seem unoriginal.


  3. School kalolsavam is not for only entertainment. It is also for the education of our traditional art forms to the new gen students. To protect the art forms we must conduct the festival in the same manner. if you want entertainment or cinematic dance go to any theatre . let them do

  4. let the traditional art forms be performed and protected, but what is the harm of introducing new items if they are colorful and providing entertainment. Of course its all about celebration, celebration of arts festival of all kinds is the purpose, not only a platform to educate traditional art forms and entertain only three judges and a few so called traditionalists.

    We should be more open to innovation and inventive rather than following what has been followed for decades and decades. Our children should be encouraged to be more creative and adaptable to both traditonal and modern art forms and have a balancing approach. Its conducted with the expenses of public money and the public has all the right to have a say about it and the public participation of the school youth festival is huge since its inception.

    many more modern dance forms and other music programs which our new gen kids are familiar with, should be added after setting some parameters and guidelines, considering the participants are school students. Those who are passionate about these could explore and concentrate more once they complete the curriculam and could be a professional and exponent in their own respect and it could even be a carrier choice later as they are more relevant to their time and era.

  5. First of all,everything is fixed.Results.Full of preplanned and unfair results.

  6. Panel of judge for period of state,District,sub district kalotsavam must be published in Site of DPI and DHSE.

  7. Time to change the old method those who got a grade and gotta position in top 5 has to give the certificate and grace mark

  8. hellow shukoor frm clt....My openion is nothing but , in the district level points , 1st,2nd,3rd price points only or must get added/denoted..(give A grade with 5points, but it doesnt marked in district level)..otherwise i think these times more appeal frm PLKD district

  9. Its quite shocking to know five kerala nadanam participants from across the state, are barred from contesting and avoided from competetion just because they are late to report. organizers, what's the logic behind this hitler's attitude when all the programs are started late by three or four hours than the schedules, by not of students' mistakes and make them faint after waiting without food or water with make up on., or changing venues at the eleventh hour due to poor quality of stages and make students dash to kilometers away and start from beginning. who will understand the plight of children?
    guys, wake up. The very children need to be considered for competitions as the visuals of their performances are already available with the channels and the same judges of the event should be asked to evaluate them. Otherwise its quite unfair,inhuman and injustice to these arts and children.

  10. Does any one know that 90% of the genuine talented students are not even allowed to participate in this so called Asia's No. 1 festival ? We have to protest against this discrimination to our kids.

  11. Revenue district trivandrum kakotsavam 2017 a big failure.
    Crumplings, dingy and narrow stages, sub standard sound system,Corrupt judgement, long delay in starting and ending programs.

    Talented children in full costume and make up suffers silently for this organizers inefficiency and unprofessionalism.

    Time to change the system.

  12. Shocked at the apathy and insensitive attitude of the organisers of the state kalosavan 2017 towards the participants of Chavitunadakam HSS the children had to wait for hours to perform,is it fair to make our students wait till 5.30AM the following day to perform,and do you think they're energy levels would be the same as the team who got in stage at 8.00 pm the previous night.???This whole farce of Asia s biggest festival is a cruel pain inflicting fiasco,Wish the Hon CM and the Education min would stop granting of grace marks which is the main reason for the blatant corruption from the side of the judges,the masters of various schools and many more......let us enjoy the art forms and dances etc without this grace marks being the root cause of this multi core drama which is only bringing pain and tears to the genuine participants who come and leave dejected

  13. Well done again... Clt stdnts and teachers and related.. U r the leaders among the districts... Carry on ... plkd and knr r fighting nw..


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